Kate Plus 8 Clip: Mom is So CHILL These Days (Not)

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Kate Gosselin would love us to think she is so chill these days. We refuse to buy it for a second, but watch this Kate Plus 8 clip and decide.

As the sextuplets turn 11, Kate throws the, a so-called progressive birthday party - roller-skating, pizza, cake, presents, and sleepover, etc.

How this is really all that progressive, who can say.

But as Kate Gosselin turns 40, says she is totally mellow and laid back nowadays. She's so "like whatever" it's not even f--king funny, y'all.

At least she's a better actor than she used to be.

Maybe we're not giving her credit. After all, if you ditch your kids for four days without leaving a number, that will help you relax in a hurry.

In any case, she's loving life (she says) on her five-year divorce anniversary and there's no looking back to the Jon & Kate Plus 8 years.

Amazing that she's still on TV and we're still talking about her in 2015, but that's a testament to her hard work ... at being unscrupulous.

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