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As previously announced, Kate Gosselin isn’t just 40 years old now.

She’s 40 years old and TLC is somehow going to air a Kate Gosselin birthday special because… well… we have no idea why this is happening.

But a photo from the unique Kate Plus 8 episode has leaked online and it features Gosselin rocking a bikini in Mexico:

Kate Gosselin Bikini Body

We have no idea where Gosselin’s kids are in this picture, but suffice it to say we don’t exactly feel bad for them.

We doubt they are missing their crazy, money and fame-hungry mother, who is REALLY psyched to be divorced from their dad.

Will Gosselin ever find her eight children a new dad? Does she still have it at age 40?

You tell us: Kate Gosselin, fellas. Ogle away and answer… Would you hit it?

The Kate Plus 8 birthday special will continue with the sextuplets’ birthday on Tuesday, June 30 on TLC.

In the meantime, relive the most scandalous Kate Gosselin stories of the past few years now: