Kate Gosselin Ditched Kids For DAYS Without Leaving Number; Jon Fighting For Custody!

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Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin are battling for custody over daughter Hannah amid shocking new claims that she ditched out on her brood last week.

For four days. Without leaving anyone her telephone number.

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As we reportedly last week, Jon wants custody of Hannah, one of their eight kids, following an allegedly violent altercation with Kate this month.

Following a complaint about Kate Gosselin's cruelty, Jon was granted emergency custody and triggered a high-stakes legal skirmish with his ex-wife.

Her alleged spankings and other abusive behavior have left Hannah reeling, and Jon fuming, but she seems very far from stressed at the mo'.

Kate “took off for four days last week” and “left the kids with the nanny,” a Gosselin insider said, and Jon will have plenty to say in court.

In pulling this stunt, she broke the couple's custody agreement.

“Kate is supposed to give Jon first right of refusal to take care of the kids when she goes away,” the insider adds, and clearly, "she didn’t.”

Jon wasn't just upset for the sake of being upset, either.

The kids, understandably, were all worried and confused.

Was she working? Sick? Hurt? Stranded somewhere without a phone? On some romantic sojourn with Jeff Prescott? Who the heck knows!

Says the insider: “The kids told Jon they didn’t know where she went, and had no way to reach her because she doesn’t give them her cell number.”

Her rationale, allegedly? Kate doesn't trust them with it.

“Kate thinks if she gives it to them, someone else will get a hold of it,” the insider dubiously says. “She doesn’t want random people calling.”

In any case, her former spouse is absolutely livid.

Jon’s attorney Kristen Doleva-Lecher vowed that he will “fight for” the kids in court, and that his only “priority is what is best for” the children.

Stay tuned, because this could get ugly. Fast.

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