Kailyn Lowry Kicks Javi Marroquin Out, Is Too Petty to Live

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A lot of people aren't too fond of Kailyn Lowry these days.

She's been criticized time and time again for her cold and detached attitude, for the way she seems so totally void of emotion towards the people closest to her.

We've seen her totally shut down so many times on Teen Mom 2, mostly towards Javi Marroquin as their marriage fell apart.

Unfortunately, we saw the same thing on this week's episode of the show when her oldest son, Isaac, couldn't understand why his little brother would spend more time with Javi than he would.

And we get it, kind of, she's had a hard life. She's gone through some rough things, and they've affected her.

But the way she's been acting is just so uncomfortable to see.

Kailyn Lowry Death Stare

In this sneak peek from next week's new episode of Teen Mom 2, Javi comes by Kailyn's house to pick up the mail that had piled up during his deployment.

He starts to peek through things, and Kailyn is just rude as hell to him for no reason.

He's being nice, he's trying to be friendly, but it's clear that she's not having it.

She even insists JaviĀ give her his keys to the house. Not only that, but she takes the keys from him to verify that he's giving her the right ones.

It's so petty and childish, and he calls her out on it too.

Watch the awkward exchange in the video below:

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