Jenelle Evans: See Her Lie About Her Pregnancy on Teen Mom 2!

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Jenelle Evans is bad at many things.

She's bad at obeying the law. She's bad at picking boyfriends. She's bad at birth control.

She's bad at avoiding arrest, at being sympathetic, at court -- how long has she been trying to regain custody of her oldest kid again?

Basically, Jenelle is terrible at lots of stuff. But right now, right here today, we're going to talk about how awful she is at lying.

Girl is the worst.

If you'll remember (if you can bear to remember, rather), Jenelle denied her current pregnancy for a long time before finally announcing it.

She lied about having a vacant womb for so long that by the time she finally did tell the truth, she had a noticeable bump and she'd already picked out a name for the baby she knew was a girl.

Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Confirmation

At the time, we thought that perhaps she lied so long so that we'd have to tune into Teen Mom 2 to get all the details.

But as we're seeing now, that wasn't the case.

In this sneak peek for next week's episode of the show, Jenelle and David are confronted by MTV's film crew about some footage they got from a camera placed in their car.

In the footage, David is rubbing Jenelle's belly as they talk about how shocked and excited they are -- it's pretty obvious what they're talking about.

But still, Jenelle insists that she's not pregnant ... and it's way too mortifying to see.

Watch it anyway though:

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