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Even months after Mama June: Family Crisis was filmed, the titular June Shannon has been eager for cash after losing a small fortune last year.

Now, she’s found a new way to make money — by asking her international fans to pay to talk to her.

You can see for yourself that, to put it bluntly, Mama June clearly needs a new camera.

She was a millionaire as recently as a year or so ago, but the camera quality of her latest video looks like she bought her phone in 2006.

(This may mean that June pawned a more recent smartphone and swapped it for a cheaper model, but that is pure speculation)

As you can see in the accompanying video, June fixed her missing tooth but is still reassembling the pieces of the rest of her life.

June Shannon at the Dentist

So, yes, the video looks deeply grainy, a grim reminder of how terrible cameraphones were just 15 years ago.

But what about what June has to say?

Like all of her videos, June kicks things off with the same line, which seems ot be automatic at this point.

"Hey y’all what’s up? This is your girl Mama June," she begins.

June Shannon Speaks at the Beach

"This goes out to all my European and Brazilian fans," June announces.

Brazil is, very conspicuously, an extremely vocal fandom on social media, whether it’s about K-pop or reality TV or anything, really.

She instructs those fans to "go download and let’s chat it up."

In other words, she is suggesting that people download an app that will let them pay for short conversations with her.

June Shannon Shares a Recent Pic

June has already been doing Cameos in the US, both before and after her cosmetic dental work.

Clearly, she has found a way to make paid, one-sided videos for international fans as well.

"Let me make a video message for you and your loved ones," June suggests.

"Love you," she concludes the very short video, "and see y’all soon."

Shannon, Mama June

The translation here is that June is trying to cast a wider net financially.

In a way, this is a good thing. If she gets more money, she can do more things to improve her life, albeit in a superficial manner.

She would have to sell a whole lot of videos and one-minute conversations with fans in order to buy a house like the one that she had.

Actually … how rich does she stand to get from this?

June Shannon Teases a Surprise

Cameo isn’t designed for the highest tiers of stardom, but rather for niche celebs like reality stars who have deeply loyal followings.

Some of these stars are extremely wealthy.

Of course, so are the customers, as we know that Chrissy Teigen has bought Cameos from 90 Day Fiance stars.

The stars can charge different amounts, but how long might it take June to rebuild her fortune?

June Shannon is at the Beach

Hypothetically, let’s say that she, after the company’s cut, gets $10 for every Cameo video or other short video or conversation that she has.

That may not be much, but we’re talking $10 a minute — more than millions of Americans make in an entire hour.

If a star is dedicated to answering their fans, desperate for cash, or both, they could be making $600 per hour.

It would still take months of constant, nonstop vidding with extremely high demand, but June could use that to one day buy back her house.

June Shannon in a Red One-Piece

More realistically, services like Cameo can keep June afloat and let her tidy up her appearance and get back on track.

That alone might be enough to land her another season on WEtv where, notably, she was not an active, voluntary participant on this season.

If she can straighten up her act enough to convince production that she won’t immediately blow her paychecks on crack cocaine, she could be back in business.

If she plays her cards right, she might be able to talk the network into helping her secure a home. 

Hard to film someone without a house, right?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

She’s not going to sell many videos and conversations until she gets a working camera.