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Lilah Roloff is nearly here, Little People, Big World fans!

Okay, fair enough: Lilah Roloff is already here of course.

Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their second child back in November of 2019. And, spoiler alert, she’s a cutie patootie!

On the next new episode of this TLC reality show, however, we’ll go back in time and witness everything that led to the birth of this precious young woman.

As seen in the clip featured here, Zach and Tori will actually clash a bit in the days leading up to the latter’s delivery, having a discussion that mostly seems to be joyful.

Yet is clearly mixed with at least some resentment on Tori’s part.

"This is my moment. It’s about me!" Tori says to her husband after Zach jokes about needing to be comfortable for Tori’s labor and subsequent birth.

She then references the arrival of the couple’s first child, a son named Jackson, and says in slight annoyance to Zach:

"You were so bored. You were so annoying last time."

Zach goes on to explain that he had apple juice with the nurses at 2 a.m. while his wife was going through her labor and… yeah. That’s not really what Tori wanted to hear.

Later in the same sneak peek, Matt Roloff is about to sit down for a confessional with a producer when he receives a phone call.

It’s about Tori and the hospital and we assume it simply means the former is headed in for delivery. But we can’t say for certain.

And Matt is concerned.

He quickly called Caryn Chandler to explain what’s going on, prior to receiving another call from Zach.

As she explained late last year, Tori ended up getting a C-section for Lilah, which can be a scary and painful experience for any woman to go through.

We know now, of course, that she ended up okay and so did her precious daughter.

We mean, just look at this perfect photo of mother and baby:

The moments leading up to Lilah’s arrival were far from perfect, however, as you’re about to see in this preview scene.

Check it out now and then tune in for the Tori Roloff birth special on Tuesday night, May 12 on TLC.