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The infamous Mama June Shannon recently wished fans a "happy coronavirus," which was not as encouraging as she had apparently hoped.

Now, she’s hawking products in bizarre beach videos and trying to avoid criticism by posing in a mask.

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"I decided to make something very special for my fans," June announced in a teaser video just days ago.

"So look," she said, "be on the lookout for my sepcial gift I’m making for y’all."

We can only assume that by "gift," she meant these shirts that she is now trying to sell to fans.

Typically, this kind of brand merchandise is known as a product.

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"I’m so excited to share my new Limited Edition #Bootimous T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, & Hoodies with you!" June has captioned multiple posts.

"Only available until Sunday!!" she teased.

"$1 from every sale goes to the #covid19 First Responders Relief Fund for all their hard work," June claimed.

In the photo, she is wearing a mask that matches the shirt. In the video, she foregoes the mask and shows off her missing tooth.

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"Hi, y’all, what’s up?" June says in a rushed voice. "This is your girl, Mama June."

"And look," she continues, "the media’s been bashing the s–t out of me lately for putting on a few extra pounds."

Is that really what people have been giving her a hard time for? 

"But look," June insists. "I’m wearing it proud, and I’m bootimous."

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This is, very transparently, an effort for Mama June to cash in the tattered remnants of her brand and on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shirts are available in an array of sizes … and the price is $29.99.

We don’t know what kind of cut June herself stands to get out of the sales, as most likely goes to whichever business is making them.

But $1 per shirt makes it clear that this is not about coronavirus relief so much as it is about June trying to get herself an income.

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As fans will recall, June had an income, an upper middle class home, and about $1 million to her name.

Practically overnight, she lost it all, selling her damaged home for signficantly less than it was worth to go live in hotels with Geno Doak.

The entire time, she was hemorrhaging money and, fans believe, purchasing drugs for herself, for Geno, and for a gaggle of alleged "friends."

These days, she is believed to be in Florida, though given that she no longer seems to have any roots anywhere, she could be anywhere with a beach.

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Earlier this year, June was seen pawning off a ring for significantly below its likely value in a desperate bid for quick cash.

She left behind her reality TV career to chase drugs and Geno, and it is nothing short of tragic to see June in her current state.

Hopefully, her claims about working on herself are true and she can use any money that she squeezes out of this tee shirt sale.

But many fans will likely fear that she and Geno will take one look at any revenue and splurge.