June Shannon Flaunts New Tooth: I'm Fixing My Whole Life!

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Fans who have been watching Mama June: Family Crisis recently saw June's disappointed family after she did not go to rehab after all.

That footage was filmed last year.

In recent weeks, June has been more focused on fixing her broken tooth and getting her life back on track.

Putting your life back together after a "hiatus" can be extremely challenging, no matter the cause.

It's that much harder when you are famous, when the low points of your life have been broadcast to the world.

But June is focused on her comeback, and her new, glistening white smile is just the beginning.

Take a look below for a look at the dramatic differences in June's smile and her next step in reclaiming her life!

1. Good news from June!

Good news from June!
For over a year now, fans have been worried sick about Mama June. Her whole life came apart at the seams. Now, things are improving.

2. First, a brief recap

First, a brief recap
June and her boyfriend, Geno, were arrested in March of 2019, just days after June had tried to preemptively stop her life from spiraling out of control. A lot of people face and lose this same battle every day.

3. Her family tried for an intervention

Her family tried for an intervention
At the time, June was not in a place where she was truly prepared to accept the help.

4. Later, June reached out

Later, June reached out
She wanted to go to rehab and get help, for herself and for her court case. Alana was so excited that she and her mom would be taking huge steps in their lives on the same day -- because Alana had her first day as a high school freshman.

5. Production came to pick up June

Production came to pick up June
Unfortunately, she was a no-show. Many people know that debilitating fear that is so much more than "cold feet" and can keep people from doing what they both want and need to do for themselves.

6. Then, she all but ghosted

Then, she all but ghosted
Dealing with multiple issues, she and Geno ended up living in hotels and casinos, in Georgia and in Florida alike. She sold her home and, for a while, it looked like she had given up on her family and her reality career in one fell swoop.

7. But June was determined to make a comeback

But June was determined to make a comeback
In January of this year, she wrote to fans that she was working on getting her life back on track. At the time, her family -- as much as they love her -- was concerned that this would be another "false alarm," and that they might get their hopes up for nothing.

8. Then, June returned

Then, June returned
Doing Instagram endorsements and speaking to her fans, June showed up again, and fans were immediately worried about a missing veneer in her mouth that changed her smile.

9. What happened?

What happened?
June would later reveal that she had bitten into a Fat Cake -- a marshmallow-based treat similar to Sno Balls and TastyCakes -- and lost the expensive veneer that way.

10. Before she had it fixed ...

Before she had it fixed ...
June's smile was conspicuous to fans, and they worried that it was a sign that her life was dangerous or that her health was in serious decline.

11. AFTER the veneers were fixed

AFTER the veneers were fixed
Well, just look at the stark difference. Yes, these stills are from two separate Cameo videos that June made for fans, and the contrast is as dazzling as her new smile.

12. No, wait, here's a better look

No, wait, here's a better look
They are dazzling white and all in a line. Honestly, it's amazing how people's smiles can be set right. And we're sure that June is feeling happier and less self-conscious with a complete set of pearly whites!

13. June knew whom to thank

June knew whom to thank
She thanked the cosmetic dentist and his team who fixed her smile -- and reportedly did some work on Geno's mouth, too.

14. Speaking of Geno ...

Speaking of Geno ...
Just weeks earlier, Geno was spotted baring his arms and putting on weight. Which, as he hinted on Instagram, was a very good sign.

15. Take a look

Take a look
In March of 2020, a commenter speculated that baring his arms meant that Geno was not using any intravenous drugs, and therefore had no fresh marks on his arms to hide with long sleeves. Similarly, his weight gain indicated that he was eating food instead of using. Geno indicated that this fan's guess was accurate.

16. And there was more

And there was more
After reports claimed that June and Geno were seen ignoring the COVID-19 pandemic, she made sure that fans saw that she was wearing a mask, not only in photos like this one but while out and about at stores getting essential supplies.

17. At this point ...

At this point ...
June is taking the coronavirus pandemic more seriously than some state officials in Florida, where she and Geno have been residing.

18. And that's not all

And that's not all
June is said to be working on dropping the 50 pounds that she gained during her "hiatus" period.

19. Remember, she already did one dramatic body transformation

Remember, she already did one dramatic body transformation
June shed 300 pounds and got a full-body makeover just a few years ago, which was the whole premise of From Not To Hot.

20. Sure, she slipped

Sure, she slipped
June was under a lot of stress, from her life falling apart to the arrest to intense tensions with her family. Eating is a normal stress response.

21. Now, she's back at it!

Now, she's back at it!
It may take some time before her family -- and even some fans -- are fully prepared to accept that she is back on track, but even superficial changes like fixing her smile show that June is serious and motivated about getting her life back in order.

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