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Well, this is a new one.

We’ve shared numerous unexpected Jeopardy answers over the years, from the contestant who actually made Alex Trebek say Turd Ferguson to the guy who said Kinky Boots is the name of a Christian hymn.

But we can’t think of a previous example where a player lost the game… yet won over nearly every Republican in the country.

Such was the case last Friday when it came to Becky Sullivan, however.

Given the Final Jeopardy answer of "the flower pictured here is called this, also a disparaging term for people on the political left," Sullivan wagered all of her $6,000 and replied with the following:

What is a pansy.

Trebek laughed in response and noted: "You found a way to insult liberals in this country."

The answer did set her up pretty easily do to that, of course. And it also made her a hero among Conservatives on Twitter.

“Becky on jeopardy with the edgy final response taking shots at the liberals I love it,” wrote one user, while another added:


Sullivan is actually an NPR producer and Tweeted as an explanation for her reply:

"OK here’s the deal with pansy: I actually didn’t know bleeding heart was a flower. I just put the only flower I knew that was also an insult."