Jenelle Evans Twerks In Tight Dress: Check Out How Thick I Am!

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In case you somehow weren't aware, Jenelle Evans loves TikTok.

She loves it so much that she often posts on Twitter and Instagram about how much she loves TikTok.

Jenelle claims that it's because the commenters on the site are more polite.

Jenelle's Weed Mug

We say it's because TikTok users are younger, and many of them are unaware of what an astonishingly awful person Jenelle is.

That might change now that Teen Mom 2 is on Netflix, but for now, Jenelle is still getting her TikTok twerk on on a daily basis.

As you're probably aware, Evans is broke and doing everything she can to avoid getting a real job.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

So all that booty shaking isn't just for fun -- it's a much-needed source of income for the mother of three.

And that means Jenelle needs to find ways to keep her content fresh, or the Gen-Z'ers will lose interest and the money will stop rolling in.

That's no easy feat, especially since Jenelle isn't especially bright or talented, and when she expresses her thoughts on any topic, she usually just reminds us of a deeply uncomfortable truth -- namely, that Jenelle Evans is a racist.

Jenelle is Cute

Anyway, another thing that Jenelle likes about TikTok is that it allows her to post non-stop content without saying anything of substance.

So when she wants to do something new, it can be as simple as putting on a dress.

Yes, even though she's attacked Chelsea Houska for dressing like a farmer, Jenelle usually prefers a t-shirt and jeans (or sweatpants) look.

Jenelle In a Dress

But in her latest TikTok post, Jenelle sports a more club-friendly look, flaunting her assets in a tight blue dress.

Evans captioned the video with the hashtags "#bussitchallenge" and "#SheThick".

The comments were a mixed bag, with some folks supporting Jenelle's right to dress and dance however she wants, and others pointing out that she likely would not be supportive if one of her peers chose to dress and dance in this fashion.

The Easons Pic

"I'm surprised David let you post this," one commenter wrote.

"Bus-it can of biscuits," another added.

"Looks like she's sitting on a toiled," a third chimed in.

Jenelle Evans and Trio of Kids

As usual when Jenelle actually speaks on social media, she does so in order to clap back at the criticism she receives on social media.

"Let's do a little PSA announcement," she said in a recent video posted to her YouTube channel.

"You're probably watching Teen Mom on Netflix right now as we speak and if you are, good, that was the old me. That was the young me, the stupid me, the me that took risks," Evans continued.

Jenelle Evans, Mom and Son

"I have custody of Jace, he lives with me now full time. My kids are happy, healthy, that's all that f--king matters."

That last part turned out to be a half-truth, as it turned out that Jenelle has partial custody of Jace, and he's currently living with her as a result of behavioral issues, not a court ruling.

So sometimes Jenelle opens her mouth without saying something racist -- sometimes, she just lies.

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