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Folks, it looks like we have yet another unexpected Teen Mom 2 feud on our hands!

And this one involves two combatants who have spent the past decade mostly steering clear of one another.

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Jenelle Evans took a random jab at Chelsea Houska on Twitter this week, and needless to say, fans are not having trouble picking sides with this one.

Evans tweeted the photo below on Thursday, along with a caption reading:

“Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.”

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Obviously, lots of commenters took issue with the claim that Jenelle has achieved fashion perfection here, but we won’t focus on the insults directed at Evans (funny as some of them were).

Instead, we’ll turn our attention toward the random shade Jenelle tossed at her former co-star.

“Did you steal that outfit when you broke into Chelsea’s house?” a fan replied to Evans’ tweet.

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This led Jenelle to respond, “Yeah … she only likes plaid lol.”

For starters, Jenelle’s not wearing plaid in that pic, so the joke doesn’t even make sense.

On top of that … is she serious right now?!

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Chelsea is the most popular Teen Mom by just about any metric.

Her fashion line is one of the most lucrative of the many business ventures launched by the franchise’s stars.

And Jenelle decides to insult Chelsea’s style, of all things?

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Also, what a random line of attack.

We suppose Chelsea wears more plaid than most people — though we’ve never really noticed — but Jenelle claims to live on a functioning farm.

The sight of a mom wearing a flannel shirt really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to her.

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The randomness is compounded by the fact that Chelsea is one of the few Teen Moms who’s never really taken any shots at Jenelle.

Their stories haven’t overlapped much over the years, but Jenelle accused Chelsea of celebrating "fake memories" when she reminisced on the early days of Teen Mom 2 over the summer.

Even then, Houska didn’t clap back at her, so it’s surprising that Jenelle went on the attack like this.

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Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska, has been an outspoken critic of Jenelle’s, but then again — who hasn’t?

“This is the opportunity to show the contrast that young women can choose to direct their life,” Randy wrote on Twitter recently.

“Chels chose to focus on her child until the right man appeared vs. choosing a man who is abusive and misogynistic. We tell our story [and] let them choose.”

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This might have been what prompted David Eason to call Randy fat — of course, in typically cowardly fashion, he did so on Facebook, rather than Twitter, probably in the hope that Randy wouldn’t see it.

Whatever the case, fans quickly made it clear that they’ll be siding with Chelsea in this latest feud.

"She wouldn’t be able to get one of her legs into Chelsea’s jeans," one person tweeted. "She wishes!"

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"Better than liking a man like David …" another wrote.

"Don’t disrespect Chelsea like that," a third chimed in.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.