Jenelle Evans: My Mom Deserves to Go to Jail!

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Sometimes, when it comes to Jenelle Evans, all you can do is just sigh, shake your head, and go "Oh, honey ..."

This is one of those times.

Jenelle Evans Attends 2017 VMAs

In the current season of Teen Mom 2, we've been seeing Jenelle's relationship with her mother, Barbara, worsen as they get closer and closer to their big court date.

A few years ago, Jenelle decided to stop doing heroin and start trying to be a mother, and ever since then, she and Barbara have been going to court to figure something out with the custody of poor Jace.

After a bit of rescheduling -- and after their lawyers managed to push back the final court date a few times -- they finally settled the custody deal in May.

We already know what happened, but in the world of Teen Mom 2, the big day is just a few weeks away.

And things have been super, super tense.

In last week's episode, we saw Jenelle show up at a restaurant where Barbara was trying to have dinner with friends and harass her until she felt she had to leave.

Jenelle Evans with Barbara Evans

She accused Barbara of being drunk, which obviously wasn't true, and then of driving drunk with Jace and a couple of other kids in the car.

When her mom got sick of the accusations and left, Jenelle went to her house and banged on the doors and windows for two hours, then called the police.

When she told this story, she seemed to think that she was in the right, and she and her fiancé, David Eason, insisted that the scene they'd made had ensured that Jenelle would get custody of Jace at their court date.

It was really, really bizarre, and that theme continues in this sneak peek of the upcoming episode.

In this clip, Jenelle and David are having a little chat about Barbara.

The issue is that it's Mother's Day weekend, and Jenelle wants to spend the holiday with Jace -- but Barbara won't respond to her phone calls.

Jenelle Evans Mother's Day Image

Which makes sense, considering what had just happened between them.

"You know, it really upsets me that Jace isn't here," she told David. "And all the other kids are here. You know, Maryssa's spending Mother's Day with her mom."

"Everyone's with their mom, but not my son."

Meanwhile, Jenelle's other son, Kaiser is playing unsupervised in another room, but he's apparently not who she's referring to here.

"It's your mom's fault," David remarks. "What a great mother."

Does anyone else think it's weird that David is commenting on someone else's parenting when he's facing jail time because he violated a restraining order in place against him for his own son?

Jenelle Evans' Kissy Face with David Eason

But yeah, sure, let's bash Barbara.

David theorizes that Babs isn't letting Jenelle see Jace because of what happened at that restaurant, because she's "scared" that they're going to get more evidence against her for the custody case.

He also says that Barbara "knows that she's probably gonna lose Jace," so she's trying to get in a bunch of time with him before the hearing.

Meanwhile, Jenelle says that they need to come up with a deal in court where "it has to be set in stone that she cannot hold Jace from me, and if she does, she gets contempt of court and goes to jail."

OK, so a few things here.

One, obviously Barbara doesn't want Jace to go to Jenelle's for Mother's Day.

Jenelle Evans Graduates!!

She's the one who raised him, she's the one who parents him -- she may not be his biological mother, but in all other ways, she is his mom.

Two, shut up, David.

Three, If Barbara has full custody of Jace and there's no visitation schedule in place -- which is the case for this scene -- she can hold him from whoever she wants.

Why does Jenelle have such a hard time understand everything?

Watch the tense scene in the video below:

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