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Earlier this week, we reported that Jenelle Evans lost her custody battle against her mother, Barbara Evans.

The judge in her case apparently determined that Jenelle remains incapable of providing a stable home environment for her eldest son, Jace.

In addition to declaring that Jace will stay with his grandmother, the judge issued a set of rules that both Jenelle and Barbara will be required to follow, on penalty of losing custodial rights.

Jenelle in the Courtroom

At first, we assumed the stricture prohibiting either party from drinking or doing drugs in front of Jace was intended for Jenelle.

Now, however, Radar Online has obtained a video in which Jenelle accuses Barbara of attempting to drive drunk with her kids in the car.

The video shows a typical Jenelle vs. Barbara screaming match, but with a twist:

This time, it’s Jenelle leveling substance abuse allegations and accusing Barbara of putting the kids.

“Mom, you’re drinking with three kids!" Jenelle screams at her mother in the clip.

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"I didn’t have anything to drink!" Barbara shrieks back.

Jenelle goes on to maintain that Barbara was drinking wine at dinner (though tellingly, she makes no claims as to how much) and insists that she’s in no shape to drive home.

“Will you stop it?” Babs implores. “I’m not drinking. I’m having dinner with my friends.”

“You need to take a taxi home,” Jenelle shrieks.

“This is unsafe. Do you realize this? What you’re doing is unsafe!”

Jenelle Evans Holds Baby Bump VMAs 2016
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It’s worth noting that in all their time on camera, we’ve never seen Barbara intoxicated, but we’ve seen Jenelle intoxicated many, many times.

That’s not to say Barbara hadn’t been drinking on the day in question, but we wouldn’t put it past Jenelle to put something like this out there knowing full well that her mother wasn’t over the legal limit.

Sure enough, moments ago, Barbara spoke to Radar and revealed that Jenelle basically staged the whole encounter:

“I knew Jenelle was trying to set me up. She called me at 4:30pm saying she wanted to see Jace. No. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t just call me like that," Babs tells the site.

She adds:

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“I had just sat down with my friends and had one sip of wine. I saw Jenelle standing there making a big scene. So I threw $40 on the table and got up and left.

"I was walking across the parking lot when [Jenelle and her fiancé David Eason] started filming me. They accused me of being drunk. I told them to stop filming me.”

Barbara concluded her statement to the site with:

“I asked Jenelle, ‘What is wrong with you?’ I knew she was trying to set me up. The kids looked at her like ‘She’s out of her mind.’ How dare she do this to me? Her 64-year-old mother. She had the audacity to set me up."

What’s wrong with Jenelle?

Babs, we wish we could count the number of times we’ve asked ourselves that question.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of the ongoing battle between the Evanses.