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Well, it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, and as usual, the moms of the Teen Mom franchise took to social media to share the details of their festivities.

Most of them received praise for all the hard work they put in throughout the year and their selfless dedication to providing the best possible life for their children.

And then there was Jenelle Evans …

Photo via Instagram

Now, as far as anyone knows, all of Jenelle and David’s kids have never spent a day under the same roof, but hey:

At least they have something to look forward to, right?

Parenting goals are important, and you don’t want to peak too soon!

Jenelle Evans, Mom and Son
Photo via Instagram

Anyway, Jenelle posted her usual Mother’s Day tribute to herself on Instagram and TikTok – a time-honored tradition.

While there was plenty to make fun of ("Girls Just Want to Have Fun" is sort of an ironic song choice for someone who’s never had a real job), most of the commenters focused on one of three things:

Jenelle Attempts a Flex

1. Despite her ongoing custody battle with Barbara Evans, Jenelle was permitted to spend the holiday with Jace.

2. Despite the fact that she’s had her kids taken away by CPS for gross negligence, Jenelle still does things like post videos in which her children are seen riding in the car with no seatbelts.

3. Jenelle and David have scooped up some new dogs, which means more carnage is soon to follow.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

"[Motor vehicle accidents] the #1 death in adolescents! Buckle your kid," wrote one commenter.

"Both clips of Jace he isn’t buckled… nice," a second observed.

"Why doesn’t jace have a seatbelt on?" a third asked.

Jenelle Evans and Her Son, Jace

And then there was the kerfuffle over the dogs:

"OMG THOSE POOR DOGS!!!!" one Instagram commenter wrote.

"Where are the other dogs, you never see them and what happened to the pitbull and pups," another added.

Photo via Instagram

"Why would you ever get another dog? I feel like no one talks common sense to you guys," a third chimed in.

Now, when Jenelle posts on Instagram, she usually attempts to convey a certain image.

Typically, that image is the false impression that she’s the head of a functional family.

Unfortunately for her, David usually undermines these efforts in short order.

By reminding everyone that he’s incapable of not being gross for a few hours, even when there are kids around, well, it’s hard for Jenelle to paper that over.

He posted the above photo, which was presumably taken during yesterday’s Mother’s Day outing.

Photo via Instagram

As always, we discourage any negative commentary about Jenelle’s appearance. That’s not what we’re going for here.

Mocking people for how they look is the sort of behavior that Internet trolls such as Jenelle Evans would engage in.

But there’s a conversation to be had about the fact that Jenelle and David seem to have no barrier between their private lives and what they choose to expose their kids to.

Jenelle, Ensley and a Tube

"There is no child on earth who wants to see their own mom’s naked a$$cheeks. NONE," one person commented.

"Have some respect & courtesy for your own kids AND other ppl you might see in public."

Perhaps the Internet has a point there.

Jenelle Tik Tok

"I wouldn’t want my kids eyes to be assaulted by some strangers exposed ass," this sage observer posited.

Coarse language, but it’s true – it’s not the sort of photoshoot you normally witness during a day out with the kids.

But hey, do you expect anything less?

Jenelle on Teen Mom, Too

After all, since when have Jenelle and David ever worried about trivial matters like basic decency?

For better or worse, it’s par for the course.