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Just last week, fans saw a major hint that Liz and Big Ed Brown aren’t dating anymore.

However, it sounds like things are more complicated than a simple breakup.

According to Ed himself, they’ve hit a "rough spot" but are attempting to resolve things.

The 90 Day Fiance villain explains the issues impacting his The Single Life romance.

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Big Ed Brown spoke to Us Weekly, as you can see in this accompanying video clip.

“We’re in a rough spot right now," he admitted of his relationship with Liz, the young single mom.

"And," he continued, "we’re kind of working through [it]."

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“A relationship is hard," Ed characterized.

(Many of them are, but they really do not have to be)

"And she got out of her last relationship recently," he acknowledged.

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"I think she was only single for about two weeks before her and I started dating," Ed recalled.

"So I think for Liz, it was a lot too fast," he suggested.

And who asked her out two weeks later, Ed?

Big Ed Brown Speaks to the The Single Life Confessional Camera

Ed then affirmed that the couples feelings are and always have been "definitely real."

That said, things started a little abruptly.

"The biggest hurdle in our relationship is we both moved too fast,” Ed speculated.

Big Ed Brown is Nervous to Date Again

“Liz made the first move physically," Ed claimed.

"I think in a way I kind of made it mean so much more," he expressed.

"But we eventually became very compatible," Ed added.

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"And we were kind of glued at the hip with each other," Ed stated.

"We were in a real relationship," he emphasized.

Interesting use of the past tense for someone who characterizes their current state as a rough patch.

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"And with relationships, it’s so difficult on both ends," Ed again claimed as if this were inevitable.

"Where we tend to put walls up," he continued.

Ed generalized: "It happens on both sides."

Big Ed Brown is Shocked

"Part of getting to know Liz was breaking down those barriers that she has put up," Ed said.

"And," he added, "the barriers that I had put up for 29 years.”

Amazing how he’s ignoring his entire relationship with Rosemarie Vega like it never even happened.

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Ed continued on this pattern when sharing how happy he was to find and meet Liz.

He said that seeing her gave him a sense of urgency.

“I hadn’t been in a relationship in 29 years," Ed said … causing some fans to scratch their heads.

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"So this was all new to me," Ed claimed.

"And I finally met someone that felt I was boyfriend material,” he added.

Rosemarie thought that Ed was husband material until his lies unraveled.

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“So I was excited just to have a girlfriend," Ed gushed.

"And I mean," he added, "we just got along great."

Ed then reiterated: "We got along great."

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"We had a lot of things in common," Ed raved.

"We liked to go to dinners and hang out in my hot tub," he detailed.

"And," Ed continued, "just [had] great conversations.”

Big Ed Brown Cannot Listen to Any More Criticism

But Ed also revealed that he saw "red flags" with Liz after filming ended.

He did not specify what these might have been other than something about her "lifestyle."

Given Ed, that could mean anything, but he said that he’s still open to making things work with her.

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“I really was [in love with her],” Ed affirmed.

He also expressed the belief that she wants to be with him, too.

“And I still am," Ed added, emphasizing that he continues to love Liz.

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“We have a lot work on," Ed acknowledged.

"We talked about getting counseling," he shared.

Ed also added: "We talked about going to church."

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"So I’m very optimistic," Ed expressed.

"I want to give this a chance and see it through," he emphasized.

We will see Ed and Liz together at the Tell All this Sunday.

Big Ed Brown at the Tell All

But Ed was the first to admit that the Tell All was “definitely too soon” for their reunion.

“We were in kind of a downward turn in our relationship," he understated.

But they were and remain "still hopeful to work things out."

Big Ed Brown on 90 Day Fiance: B90 Strikes Back

“I was definitely shocked to see her walk across the stage," Ed revealed.

He then clarified: "but a good shock.”

We can understand that.

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Ed vowed that, in the future, he will “take things slower” and “ask a lot more questions.”

“In fairness to Liz, I should have really known more about her and her lifestyle, and I just didn’t,” he added.

Once again … that feels like a whole conversation beyond what we saw on screen, right?

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“You find all those things out later," Ed suggested.

"And it’s a lot harder once you’re in a relationship," he added.

"And," Ed concluded, "you realize there are things that you don’t think are good and you struggle with, but you’re already in a relationship.”