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Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry haven’t gotten along for a while now.

Back in the early days of Teen Mom 2, they actually used to be friends — they were close enough that Kailyn bailed Jenelle out of jail, and this was before they made hundreds of thousands of dollars a season.

Jenelle on Candace Owens

But as the story goes, Jenelle never paid her back, and their friendship suffered for it.

As the years have gone by, more and more things have happened between the two former friends.

Jenelle leaked the news of Kailyn’s surprise pregnancy with Lux, for example, and of course they’ve both said awful things about each other in interviews and on social media.

At this point, it’s beyond clear that they just can’t stand each other.

Kailyn Lowry Stares and Stares

But are things between them so bad that Kailyn somehow cost Jenelle her spot on the show?

According to Jenelle, yeah, maybe!

OK, so you know how Jenelle has been trying to carve out a YouTube career for herself?

A few days ago, she posted a short little video in which she seemed a bit heated after someone sent her an interview with Briana DeJesus.

Briana DeJesus in 2021
Photo via MTV

To be clear, she doesn’t have an issue with Briana — they used to be friends when they were both on the show, but they’re still cool with each other — but she wanted to discuss the interview "since my name is being brought up."

Briana brought up Jenelle when she was talking about her own feud with Kailyn, essentially saying that Kailyn invited Jenelle on her podcast even though they hate each other but she’s never reached in the same way to her, and that’s weird.

She also suggested that it could be that Kailyn is unwilling to patch things up with her because of racism, but let’s focus on the Jenelle thing specifically right now.

After reading Briana’s quote, Jenelle said that she’s not sure what’s going on between Bri and Kail, but that she did want to talk about the invitation Kail gave her to go on her podcast.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

She explained that after she’d left David and moved to Nashville, even after MTV had officially replaced her with Jade Cline, she was still in touch with her old producer, who had been asking for her to send him the footage she’d been filming of her new life.

"I don’t know why they were doing that," she admitted, "I said ‘Are you guys interested in bringing me back?’"

She said the producer wouldn’t give her a solid answer, and she didn’t want to go into anymore detail, which is interesting enough on its own, but let’s continue.

"After about a week of me sending videos back and forth with my old producer, he asked me "Will you go on Kail’s podcast?’"

Jenelle Selfie Alert

"And I said ‘For what? Are you going to have me on for ratings and then take me right off? Are you going to reintroduce me to the show? Like what are your intentions behind this?’"

She claimed the producer told her that Kail wanted her on the podcast so they could "squash things," and Jenelle agreed with one condition:

"Before we do this publicly, I want Kail to come down to Tennessee, and I want to see her one on one and I want her to apologize to my face," she recalled saying.

Based on what we know of the feud, it doesn’t really make sense that she wanted Kail to be the one to apologize — if anything, it seems like they should both be apologizing.

Still, she said that "She basically was up for it at first, but then ultimately she told my old producer no, she said ‘I’m not doing that’ so I said ‘OK, then I’m not going on her podcast, I’m sorry.’"

Because of this, she didn’t feel like Kailyn every genuinely wanted to apologize, she just wanted to use Jenelle to get people to listen to her podcast.

"I’m not trying to be stubborn about making up with Kail," she claimed. "Maybe one day I would, but I would like to sit down with her and have a one on one conversation with no cameras, no social media, with no podcast. That’s it."

She then brought up Briana’s poing about Kail being willing to make amends with Jenelle, who is white, and how Kail has a history of making racist remarks.

Jenelle With Briana
Photo via Instagram

"I don’t think it’s about Briana’s race, and I don’t think it’s because I was white that Kail wanted to make up with me," Jenelle said. "It’s definitely because Kail just wanted ratings. It wasn’t because of race."

She started to talk about Kailyn’s racist tweets, but then stopped herself, which is possibly the smartest thing she’s done this year — she really has no room to criticize someone for making racist comments.

Going back to her story, she said that after she declined the invitation to appear on Kailyn’s podcast, her producer stopped reaching out to her for updates, which was just fine by her because she needed "time to heal" after so many years on TV.

But that’s interesting, isn’t it?

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk
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Did Kailyn have the power to stop Jenelle from coming back to Teen Mom 2? Was it her fault that she was never brought back on?

Or, considering she was back with David only a couple of months later, was Kail just one more person involved with the show that she couldn’t get along with?

You can watch Jenelle’s video in full below: