Jenelle Evans Returns to The Land: Is She Back Together With David Eason?!

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Well, that didn't take long.

Just about three months after Jenelle Evans separated from David Eason and moved to Nashville, it appears the former Teen Mom 2 star has returned to her home -- and possibly her marriage.

Rumors of Jenelle and David getting back together have been circulating for months, and Evans has consistently denied reports that she's giving her abusive ex a second chance.

So fans were shocked over the weekend to see Jenelle back on the property that she and David obnoxiously dubbed "The Land."

Evans might try and deny it, but The Ashley's Reality Roundup has rounded up sufficient evidence to prove that Jenelle recently returned home.

Take a look:

1. Back on the Land?

Back on the Land?
Back in October, Jenelle Evans fled to Nashville in order to escape her abusive marriage. Now, it seems she may have had a change of heart.

2. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Last month, Jenelle and David were spotted walking through downtown Nashville together with their daughter, Ensley.

3. A Low-Key Reunion?

A Low-Key Reunion?
Not surprisingly, the sighting led to rumors that Evans and Eason had decided to give their marriage a second chance.

4. Squashing the Rumors

But Jenelle posted a video in which she expressly denied that she and David were back together. Of course, Evans doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to telling the truth.

5. Old Habits

Old Habits
So while some folks might have been shocked to learn that Jenelle returned home to The Land this weekend, many were not surprised by the latest evidence that she's back on good terms with David.

6. A Different Reunion

A Different Reunion
Jenelle spent the weekend hanging out with longtime friend Tori Rhyne. Tori posted this pic on Instagram on Sunday night. As you can see, certain features of the room have been highlighted by The Ashley. More on that later.

7. Better Luck Next Time!

Better Luck Next Time!
“Wellllll even though last night didn’t go as planned I still had an awesome time with you!” Tori captioned the photos. “We didn’t make any Tik Tok videos like we wanted to, buuuut we will next time for sure. I’ve missed you soooo much! I’m glad I got to see you and hangout with you. Can’t wait to do it again.”

8. Location Is Key

Location Is Key
It's interesting that Jenelle is back on good terms with Tori. But it's even more interesting WHERE the two of them were hanging out!

9. Busted?

The Ashley compared the new pic with an old photo of Jenelle on the land, as you can see, Evans clearly spent the weekend hanging out in her old bathroom.

10. Absentee Dave

Absentee Dave
And what does that mean for Jenelle's relationship with David? Well, officially, nothing. Eason did not make an appearance in Tori's post.

11. Prodigal Mom

Prodigal Mom
But David still lives on The Land, and many fans found it curious that Jenelle would make such a low-key return to her old home.

12. Dad and Daughter

Dad and Daughter
These days, The Land is inhabited solely by David and Maryssa, his 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

13. Man of Mystery

Man of Mystery
So where was David if he wasn't with Jenelle on The Land? Well, it seems that he and Jenelle are both keeping that information under wraps.

14. Alone Off the Land

Alone Off the Land
David posted this status update on Facebook on Saturday night. He doesn't reveal his whereabouts, but it seems that wherever he was, he was alone.

15. Emo Eason

Emo Eason
“I’m getting pretty used to being alone, starting to prefer it actually,” David wrote.

16. Still Separated?

Still Separated?
That doesn't sound like the sentiment of a man who was recently reunited with his estranged wife.

17. Telling the Truth For Once?

Telling the Truth For Once?
It's also not definitive proof that he and Jenelle are not back together. But believe it or not, we're inclined to believe Jenelle when she says she won't be reconciling with David anytime soon.

18. Looking Out For Number One

Looking Out For Number One
We believe Jenelle not because we think that she would never take back the man who abused her children or murdered her dog. After all, she's already forgiven David many times.

19. The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line
No, we think Jenelle is keeping her distance from Dave because her top concerns these days are her finances and her reputation -- and Eason is poisonous to both.

20. A Calculated Decision

A Calculated Decision
Jenelle says she's spoken with MTV about the possibility of returning to television, and she's smart enough to know that will never happen if she's back with David.

21. Domino Effect

Domino Effect
Jenelle got fired by the network shortly after David killed her dog -- an act that prompted a CPS investigation which caused her to lose custody of her children.

22. Smart Move

Smart Move
At the time, it seemed she would never return to television, but a redemption arc became possible when she announced that she had left David.

23. Long Shot

Long Shot
The odds are already stacked against Jenelle's comeback, and she's likely well aware that getting back with David would be enough to prevent her from ever returning to television.

24. Thinking of the Future

Thinking of the Future
So at the end of the day, we don't know why Jenelle returned to The Land this weekend. But if only for the sake of her earning potential, we believe she's wise enough to give David a wide berth.

25. Keeping Mum

At this point, Jenelle has not responded to the reports of her return to The Land, but you can bet she won't keep quiet much longer.

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