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Last week, we reported on the unexpected news that Jenelle Evans and David Eason had flown across the country to make an appearance at an Oregon marijuana dispensary called Burnt River Farms Cannabis Company.

It’s hard to imagine any organization doing business with a pair of bigots who are most famous for their child and animal abuse, but for some reason, Burnt RIver Farms really wants to be in the Jenelle and David business.

Jenelle Loves Weed

As is pretty much always the case when some foolish company signs a deal with the Easons, thousands of social media users quickly pointed out to Burnt River that they were in business with some of the most horrendous people ever to appear on camera.

At first, the dispensary boasted about the fact that they didn’t care, which led many to the assumption that the owners share the Easons values.

In response for pleas to cancel the event, Burnt River posted a meme that reads, "Haters Gonna Hate." Classy.

Jenelle and David at a Pot Dispensary

“TODAY come on down a get a taste of reality. Come Meet n Greet Jenelle Lauren Evans.," the company wrote on Instagram.

"Janelle [sic] is a reality television personality who rose to fame on MTV’s Teen Mom 2.”

When the negative comments started rolling in, the folks at Burnt River doubled down:

David Eason on a Weed Farm
Photo via TikTok

“We welcome, WITH OPEN ARMS, to ONTARIO OREGON, BURNT RIVER FARMS CANNABIS CO. #exit374 JENELLE n DAVID!!” the brand wrote on Instagram.

It’s anyone’s guess why the company was so gung-ho about resisting the "haters" in order to align themselves with Jenelle and David, but they eventually saw the light and canceled the event.

‘Alright y’all its time for your response. Just so we’re all on the same page. BRF DOES NOT support any kind of animal abuse, child abuse, racism, hate, homophobics, or domestic violence," the company wrote after spending most of the day supporting child- and animal-abusing racist homophobes.

Jenelle Launches a Website
Photo via Instagram

"Please be aware this meet and greet did not happen. For obvious reasons. We ask to respect our page, and let’s move forward.

Of course, Burnt River wasn’t the only guilty party in all of this.

Jenelle took a lot of heat for dumping her kids off with a sitter and flying across the country in the middle of a pandemic.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrows
Photo via Instagram

Evans responded like she always does — with a bunch of lies and mixed messages.

First she claimed there was no meet and greet, and her haters just imagined the whole thing.

Then, she bemoaned the fact that those same haters forced Burnt River to cancel the event.

Jenelle Evans at a Salon
Photo via Instagram

“Receiving a lot of messages and I’m very sorry if you expected to meet me," she wrote on Instgram.

"There will be later dates in the future for another opportunity to connect with me. Maybe do a live session on IG? Idk.”

In order to remind everyone that she’s 1. A Very Important Business Lady, and 2. The World’s Best Mom, Jenelle claimed that she traveled to Oregon for business reasons, and was excited to find a Nintendo Switch for Kaiser, which is something she was unable to find at home.

Jenelle Evans on Her Birthday
Photo via Instagram

In a TikTok video posted the day of the cancelation, Jenelle posed with some giant weed plants while a narrator said:

“People think I’m obsessed with this. But I’m okay with it. I am obsessed with it."

Well, it’s certainly a lot safer than some of the substances Jenelle has been obsessed with.

Still, there’s something a little weird mother of three with a history of addiction and a rap sheet a mile long revealing that she’s "obsessed" with any intoxicating substance.


##PeopleThinkIAmObsessedWithThis ##FarmTour ???

♬ i am obsessed with this – _cringiemal_