Jazz Jennings Explains Post-Op Complications: My Vagina FELL APART!

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Jazz Jennings was so excited to undergo her bottom surgery that her mother threw a "farewell to penis" party.

But, as she revealed last year, Jazz's gender confirmation surgery had complications

On last night's harrowing episode, we learned exactly how serious those post-op complications were. Buckle up, folks.

Jazz Jennings Undergoes Second Surgery

Jazz underwent bottom surgery over the summer, something for which she had longed all her life.

A quick disclaimer: we know that not all trans folks experience the same types of bodiy dysmorphia or any at all.

But Jazz has wanted to have a vagina since she was a little girl, and this surgery has always been planned as part of her journey.

Unfortunately, she suffered a rare and serious complication after her operation.

"I heard something go ‘pop’ and when I looked, the whole thing had just split open," the doctor explains.


Jazz Jennings Gets Surgery

In a behind-the-scenes chat with TLC, Jazz explained exactly what the doctors uncovered.

"They took off the bandages and the packaging," Jazz shares. "And we found out that only 50 percent of the skin graft took."

That is ... dramatically not good.

"So, basically I had no skin," Jazz summarizes.

Most of us prefer to have skin on our genitals, and Jazz is no exception.

Jazz Jennings Post-Op Selfie

Jazz is okay now. This was all filmed last summer.

In fact, Jazz was tweeting along with the episode and shared some new information with her followers.

"Fun fact: The camera crew left NYC thinking that I was on a steady path to recovery," Jazz wrote on Tuesday night.

"When the complication occurred," she revealed. "The two producers who stayed behind documented the second procedure."

They did so "using my camera and their phones!"

Jazz Jennings Goes Into Surgery

Despite the horror of having her fondest dream turn into a three-week nightmare, Jazz is glad that it happened.

"I'm glad that this rare complication happened to me rather than to another trans individual," Jazz expressed on Twitter.

That makes sense. A lot of trans folks get denied insurance and lack both familial and financial support. Jazz is very fortunate.

"With the love & support of my family, it makes it easier for me to conquer a challenge like this," Jazz shared.

She wrote: "I can't imagine how devasting it would be for someone without that support system."

Jazz Jennings Celebrates

Jazz explained that no one was willing to even let her see the scary complication.

"My vagina looked SO bad that my mom, sister, and the surgeons wouldn't even let me look at it," Jazz tweeted.

"Eventually, I used a compact mirror to get a peak," she shares.

That's resourceful ... and also very brave.

"And all I could do was laugh," Jazz writes of what she saw. "If only you guys knew."

Surgeries transform lives and often save them, but it's not pretty to look at.

Jazz Jennings is Thoughtful

"In life, everything is about attitude & perspective," Jazz reflects on Twitter.

"Even though my vagina falling apart was the hardest thing I ever experienced," she writes. "I knew that one day I would be fully healed & recovered."

"I had to adopt the mindset of my future self & know in my heart that everything would be ok," she says.

That is very mature of her! Especially since she had to endure a three-week post-op.

"I was depressed for about 2 days before I snapped out of it and accepted the situation for what it was," Jazz writes.

She concludes: "I knew everything would be amazing in the end (and it is!!)"

Jazz Jennings and Mom Jeanette

"My mom is the most incredible, compassionate, and nurturing person in the entire world," Jazz praises.

"She is my role model, my rock, my everything," she gushes. "I love her so much and couldn’t have gotten through this without her support."

Jazz also had a profound personal experience during the healing process.

"While I was in the hospital for 3 weeks, I had plenty of time to meditate & self-reflect," Jazz shares.

"During one of those meditations, I had a powerful spiritual experience that completely transformed my life," she reveals.

"This newfound faith has shifted my thinking," she adds. "And brought me power & purpose."

That is wonderful to hear!

Jazz Jennings Listens

Notably, ratings for recent episodes of I Am Jazz have been going up.

Her transition is a big deal and a lot of fans and viewers are invested.

Unfortunately, we're sure that we don't have to tell you that some truly vile people have bombarded Jazz with horrific comments.

Trans women in particular face hatred and vitriol on a daily basis.

But Jazz is putting herself out there to make the world a better place.

And next week, it looks like we're going to learn more about Jazz's new boyfriend.

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