Jazz Jennings Opens Up About Difficult Gender Confirmation Surgery

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Early this summer, trans teen star Jazz Jennings underwent gender confirmation surgery.

Receiving bottom surgery -- what it's called when a transgender person's genitals are altered to combat dysphoria -- was a huge milestone for her.

Unfortunately, as she has now revealed, that surgery had a complication.

Jazz Jennings Turns 18

In an interview with ABC News, Jazz Jennings gushed about how amazing it is to finally feel at home in her own body.

"It was like a dream," Jazz affirms. "It was."

"This is a moment that I had always envisioned," she shares. "And just experiencing it was so surreal."

"I was like," Jazz says of the experience. "I can’t believe this is happening."

Jazz even provides an example of how long she has waited to undergo this life-affirming procedure.

"When I was 2 years old," Jazz says. "I went up to my mom and asked her, ‘When is the good fairy going to come with her magic wand and change my penis into a vagina?'"

Jazz Jennings Gets Surgery

"I’ve gone through the whole medical process," Jazz notes, explaining that she won't need to schedule any other surgeries.

"And," she confirms. "This is really the last thing that will validate my identity as a woman.”

“There is nothing else after this," she clarifies.

"I just get to be myself," she gushes. "Be in the body that I’ve always wanted."

"And then," she says. "I can live my life as just Jazz."

Jazz Jennings Post-Op Selfie

Jazz does reveal that her surgery had an unexpected complication.

"There was just an unfortunate event and setback," she shares. "Where things did come apart."

"And," she says, remaining vague because she's discussing her genitals. "There was a complication."

"I had to come back in for another procedure," Jazz admits. "But it was just all part of the journey."

"The good thing though is that it was only cosmetic and external," Jazz shares.

"So," Jazz continues, keeping things in perspective. "it wasn’t too dramatic."

Jazz Jennings on Instagram

"I’ve been ready for this my entire life," Jazz says.

She does note that there was one major challenge -- she had to lose 30 pounds before her bottom surgery.

"That was really, really challenging because I had an addiction to food," Jazz explains.

"And it was something that gave me comfort," she shares.

"And I had to let that go," she reasons. "Because the surgery is so much more important to me than any slice of cake or pizza."

Jazz Jennings Celebrates

They refer to genital surgery as "bottom surgery" in part because it's less graphic than explaining how one set of genitals is transformed into another.

it is also called this to differentiate it from top surgery, which is when breasts are either removed or implanted.

(Those like Jazz, who are able to start puberty blockers in time, usually do not need to undergo top surgery)

Of course, as Jazz -- as a lifelong advocate for the transgender community -- would be the first to tell you, not all trans people undergo bottom surgery.

Jazz has struggled with body dysphoria for her entire life, but that is not universal to the transgender community. Gender is complicated.

Additionally, some who would love the affirmation of surgery simply cannot afford it, or are waiting for medical science to give them better options.

All This Jazz

Despite Derick Dillard's vicious transphobic attacks on Jazz and her parents, Jazz's life is going well.

In fact, I Am Jazz Season 5 premieres in 2019.

Jazz, who stunned interviewers with her ability to articulate her gender identity when she was still a small child, continues to live her best life.

Season 5 will cover her bottom surgery, but also other milestones including her first prom.

This is a huge deal, and viewers will be happy to be along for the ride.

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