I Am Jazz Trailer: Meet the Star's New Boyfriend!

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In earlier teasers, we knew that Jazz Jennings' gender confirmation surgery had a complication.

As this trailer makes clear, viewers will see the drama before, during, and after her surgery.

On top of that, we'll see Jazz tackle a difficult interview ... and the new man in her life.

Jazz Jennings is Thoughtful

This new season of I Am Jazz is going to be full of major life milestones.

Notably, Jazz undergoes a challenging genital surgery.

"I’ve been waiting for this my whole life," Jazz gushes about her upcoming procedure. "And now it’s time."

While we know that Jazz is doing great after the operation, there were a number of problems for surgeons.

"The surgical team haven’t figured out what approach they’re going to take to building my vagina," Jazz admits in the trailer.

Jazz Jennings Goes Into Surgery

Not every transgender person gets bottom surgery -- the term for gender confirmation surgery performed upon genitals.

It's expensive, there are risks, it can be imperfect, and most importantly, gender and genitals are not synonymous.

But it's not a new procedure, and there have been great strides towards protecting the process during recent decades.

Still, one of Jazz's surgeons admits that giving Jazz a vagina will be "the most difficult case that I have encountered."

Why? It's complicated.

Jazz Jennings at Breakfast

Jazz was lucky enough to have a supportive family as a child, so she was able to go on puberty blockers and then the right hormones.

This spared her the indignity of going through the wrong kind of puberty and meant that she was able to grow her own breasts.

However, that meant that her genitals never grew, which means that doctors have less tissue with which to work.

Resourceful surgeons ultimately decided to use part of the lining of her peritoneum, which is located in her abdominal cavity.

This was a source of extra tissue and is also regenerative.

Jazz Jennings Listens

But there's more to Jazz's journey this season than her bottom surgery.

She turned 18 this past year, and while fans have seen her dip her toes in the dating world before, it looks like things are more serious now.

"I feel like I’ve been ready to fall in love for so long," she tells her brother in one scene.

Jazz describes love: "It’s like the ultimate connection."


I Am Jazz Jennings Amir Kiss

She has a specific boy on her life -- and his name is Amir.

"There’s a boy in the picture now,” Jennings reveals. “Amir just gets me, and I get him."

"Have you kissed him yet?" one of Jazz's friends asks during the trailer.

Jazz is almost surprised by the question, and says: "I’ve kissed him a lot."

That is an extremely age-appropriate answer.

Jazz Jennings Turns 18

The new season of I Am Jazz premieres on Tuesday, January 1, at 10pm.

Other elements of this season teased by the new trailer include a difficult interview that she gave in 2018.

Additionally, she has a spiritual consultation that seems to urge her to put off her surgery by just a short while.

Jazz had to wait her entire life, so we'll understand if she didn't heed that advice.

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