Jazz Jennings Hosts "Farewell to Penis" Party Before Surgery

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We already reported that Jazz Jenning's difficult gender confirmation surgery was, ultimately, a success.

But in the build-up, everyone was a little nervous about this major operation. Fortunately, there was a way to cut the tension.

On the latest episode of I Am Jazz, Jazz's mom threw a "farewell to penis" party for her daughter. Yes, there was a penis cake.

Jazz Jennings Turns 18

Tuesday night was Season 5, Episode 3 of I Am Jazz, an episode titled: "Caterpillar to Butterfly."

We hope that we do not have the spell out the symbolism of either caterpillars or butterflies when it comes to human genitalia.

In the episode, Jazz is hyped for her bottom surgery -- the term used in the trans community for surgery on one's genitals.

(it contrasts with top surgery, where breast tissue is either removed or implants are added, and doesn't make everyone endure the word "genitals")

Any major surgery is a big deal, and Jazz's surgery has its own unique challenges.

So Jazz's parents have a conversation about how to celebrate their daughter's upcoming surgery.

parents of jazz jennings

Her mom's idea is a "farewell to penis" party, as she explains to Jazz's dad.

That is an accurate description. Jazz is and always has been a girl, so a spoof on a gender reveal party wouldn't make much sense.

(Remember, genitals are not gender)

"I wanna do this party, because I want to have fun with the idea that Jazz is having surgery," Jeanette explained.

"This is not fun," Jeanette said of her daughter's upcoming operation. "There's nothing fun about this, but laughter is the best medicine."

Jazz Jennings and Mom Jeanette

Jazz's dad like things a little more "low-key" than his wife or daughter, so he's not so sure that a "farewell to penis" party is in good taste.

But when Jazz hears that her dad is a little embarrassed by the idea of the party, she is totally onboard.

As Jazz explains, "I love making my dad uncomfortable."

What teen doesn't? Especially when her dad is, as she says, "more reserved and modest."

"And," she continues. "If this penis party is going to do just that, then we've gotta have a penis party."

And that was that.

Jazz Jennings Penis Cake

Jazz actually helped to make the cake, which has a penis on it -- made of rolled fondant -- that has a pair of eyes on it.

The cake-dong was not photorealistic, but it was close enough to the real thing that TLC saw fit to blur it in several shots.

The phallic cake went on top of a generic store-bought cake, which is a good choice. Fondant is ... not as tasty as actual frosting.

(Jazz and Jeanette actually had a bit of an argument, because Jazz wanted flesh-toned frosting but her mom insisted on the fondant)

Her mom also discussed the idea of a penis pinata, which is certainly a symbolic gesture in its own right.

Jazz Jennings cuts the cake

Also during the episode, Jazz and her parents disagreed about cybersecurity issues.

Jazz is a vlogger who updates her fans and followers on her life and very frankly discusses trans issues.

During one video, she happened to mention the date of her surgery.

Her parents were concerned, and pointed out that of the countless transphobes out there, some are certainly violent.

It would only take one hateful lunatic to barge into the hospital to kill her or her doctors.

Thankfully, that did not happen, but it's a good reminder that public figures who are also minorities are at higher risk of violence from bigots.

We're glad that Jazz was safe and pulled through her surgery okay despite some complications.

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