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Jamie Lynn Spears is not exactly the Free Britney movement’s favorite person.

For years, she has seemed to benefit from Britney Spears’ conservatorship despite now claiming to secretly support her sister.

She has pushed back against her sister’s fans, turned off commenting, and even claimed to have received death threats.

Now, Jamie Lynn is switching tactics … and using her kids to elicit sympathy.

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At least, Jamie Lynn’s aim was clearly to gain pity points.

Whether or not she accomplished her goal is another story.

Over the weekend, she posted an audio clip of her youngest daughter.

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On Saturday, August 7, Jamie Lynn shared the clip to her Instagram Story.

She actually shared it twice — the second time, adding a "sound on" sticker.

3-year-old Ivey Joan Watson’s voice can be heard speaking to her mother.

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"It’ll be okay, Mom," Ivey reassures Jamie Lynn in the audio.

Ivey then adds: "It has to be okay, Mom."

Jamie Lynn’s voice is heard replying: "Oh, thank you, baby."

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It is very sweet and normal for a preschool-aged child to comfort their parents.

By that age, most children can not only tell when a parent is sad, but offer words of comfort and a hug.

The display of reassurance on its own is, of course, heartwarming.

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However, spending any time at all thinking about this raises some questions and, quite frankly, some suspicions.

Who was recording this and why?

Did Jamie Lynn start recording when her daughter started speaking? Was she already recording herself crying?

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Jamie Lynn’s Instagram comments on new posts have been off for months, now.

She knows exactly what Britney’s fans think of her, and they know that they’re not just speculating wildly, either.

Britney has called out her sister, both directly and indirectly, in recent weeks.

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But Jamie Lynn also knows that Britney and her fans have nothing against her children.

We don’t know exactly what motivated Jamie Lynn to make this post.

However, using a three-year-old as a prop at best, a shield against criticism at worst … that just doesn’t sit well with people.

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Britney’s fight for her fundamental human rights is an ongoing matter.

Conservatorships are famously difficult to dissolve, even when politicians on both sides of the political aisle agree.

Britney has won over the court of public opinion by a wide margin. Unfortunately, actual court is not so easy.

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Only very recently has Britney been able to actually hire her own attorney in order to seek an end to this nightmare.

Her father, Jamie Spears, is already pushing back, waging a PR campaign of his own to attempt to impugn Britney’s credibility.

Everyone, including former co-conservator Jodi Montgomery, has issued public pleas for Jamie to stop.

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In Jodi’s case, that plea included an explanation that Jamie was twisting the truth to push his narrative.

That is unsurprising, given when the world has learned about the ugly history of Britney’s conservatorship.

Many of Britney’s family members failed her, but her awful father is one of the most reviled men in the country right now — with good reason.