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Bachelor in Paradise is back with a steamy, alluring vengeance!

The franchise’s horniest, most deliciously chaotic spinoff is promising to deliver an extra helping of everything to make up for lost time.

The censorship bars in this trailer make that clear all by themselves.

The kissing and the nude arrivals promise a lot of fun.

Exes have tension.

Fan favorites show themselves at their best.

Some of the stars are ready to throw down and fight in Paradise.

And look who showed up: Becca Kufrin, one year after officially breaking things off with her awful ex.

We know that there are rules about communicating with the outside world on this show.

But maybe production will let Becca make sure that she gets the inside scoop on her new man this time before she takes somebody home.

That poor woman has been so unlucky in the past.

Maybe this time will be different.