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We don’t know exactly what Shaun Robinson is paid to host these Tell All specials.

Whatever it is cannot be enough.

In this promo for the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Tell All, all is in chaos.

Initially, it’s just about a few couples hashing out their issues.

Brandon and Julia have disagreements. Yara and Jovi have disagreements.

Elizabeth and Andrei have to deal with the aftermath of his brawl with her brother, Charlie.

Similarly, Asuelu and Kalani have a lot to process about his sister, Tammy, and his mother, Lesina.

(Tammy even appears to threaten Yara during the trailer)

Then, things get worse.

Trish and Natalie have such a heated disagreement that Mike, who rarely intervenes, moves to separate them.

Ronald seemingly accuses Tiffany of cheating with a cameraman. 

(Julia’s not the only one with major insecurity issues)

Angela is, as is almost always the case, the worse behaved of the bunch.

A dispute with Michael’s relatives leads to her ripping down her top to show off her new breasts.