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What a delusional little twit.

I would feel sorry for Vanderpump Rules Brit James Kennedy, but he runs his mouth so often that it’s almost impossible.

On last night’s reunion, Kennedy started going at it with Jax Taylor, claiming that the elder gent was jealous that he has dreamz of playing at Coachella.

Taylor found this amusing, telling Kennedy not to worry because he doesn’t "wanna be a DJ," which – he pointed out – involves nothing more than pressing a button on a computer.

Kennedy then told Taylor he wanted to punch him in his "fat throat."


While I do admire Kennedy’s ability to dream big, his arrogance will be his undoing.  

He is not, as the cast points out, the "white Kanye West," nor should he aspire to be like the rapper (we have one Kanye West.  No need to duplicate.).

To make matters worse, Kennedy tweeted that he wished host Andy Cohen would have talked about his album more.

"Still think the pump album was somthing we should of talked about more @Andy – love u tho mate, thanks for dealing with all of us for hours," he wrote.

We saw the music video for "Don’t Look Down," mate.  We’re good.

Watch Kennedy curse out nearly each and every one of his co-stars below.  It’s entertaining as he*k.