James Charles Destroys Tati Westbrook AND Jeffree Star in a New Video!

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Did you think that the drama from the beauty YouTuber community was slowing down?

If so, well ... sorry, sister.

Tati Westbrook and James Charles

The drama between Tati Westbrook and James Charles isn't slowing down anytime soon -- in fact, thanks to a new video James posted yesterday, it's getting more insane than ever.

But to get where we're going, let's take a brief look back at where we've been, OK?

All of this started, if you can believe it, because of vitamins.

James and Tati have been friends for a couple of years now, with Tati mentoring him and helping him develop his career as an influencer.

And that's why she was hurt that instead of promoting her own brand of vitamins, he did a sponsored post for Sugar Bear Hair, her main competitor, after they helped him out with some security at Coachella.

James Charles at Coachella

She cried about the whole thing on Instagram Live, but as it turns out, she was crying about more than just the vitamins, and we found out all about it when she posted a 43-minute long video titled "Bye, Sister" all about James.

Tati said so, so much in that video -- that she was hurt that he'd promote her competitor and that he didn't even give her a heads up about it before the post went live.

She said that he released a public apology without ever reaching out to her, which she thought was disrespectful, considering how close they were.

But then the video stopped being about vitamins and started being about James' behavior in general, which Tati said was not good.

He's mentioned in several videos of his own that he's only interested in straight guys, and it's always been sort of a joke, but Tati claimed that he was actually manipulative towards the straight men he developed interest in.

James Charles on Instagram

She told one story about how she went out with him and several other friends and family for a birthday dinner for her in February, and he made several lewd remarks about their waiter.

When she told him the waiter was straight, she claimed he responded with "It doesn't matter, I'm a celebrity."

She went off about how not OK that kind of thinking was, and how wrong it is to try to maniulate someone else's sexuality, and that's been the point that most people have focused on.

After Tati's video went up, James went on to lose over three million subscribers.

He made a brief apology video, saying that he was sorry for how things happened with Tati and that he understood how upset she was, and he admitted that he definitely had some things he needed to work on when it came to romantic relationships.

Tati Westbrook, Destroyer of Worlds

And just on Friday, Tati made another video about how she never meant for James to get such backlash for the things she said.

It's been a lot to keep up with, and if you're just now trying to catch up ... good luck.

But yesterday, James uploaded a new video he titled "No More Lies."

And now things are juicier than ever.

James kicks off his video by saying that he still stands by his previous video about Tati, and that now he's not looking for sympathy or forgiveness, that he just wants people to hear his side of the story.

James Charles selfie

He then begins at the beginning, with Coachella and the Sugar Bear Hair deal, and he shares several texts showing that he was telling the truth -- that he got swamped by fans and the vitamin company was able to help him out with security in exchange for a sponsored post on his Instagram.

He also shows texts that he exchanged with Tati showing that he did give her a heads up about the post, and says that while she was upset, he was contractually obligated to promote the other vitamins.

Next, James says that he never even told Tati that he wouldn't promote her vitamin brand on his channel, and even showed clips from older videos and social media posts where he told his audience about her product.

Moving on to the subject of men, he straight up admits that he's a virgin, and he insists that he would never use his fame to get hookups.

"That is disgusting," he says, "it is not me, and the fact that Tati brought this up blows my mind because she knows the real story."

James Charles at Coachella

He goes into the story about the waiter at the restaurant for Tati's birthday dinner, and his version is very different than hers.

According to James, he discussed the waiter with Jeffree Star, who was also in attendance (more on him in just a bit), but the conversation never got "inappropriate."

As for his alleged remark about how he could convince the waiter to get with him because he's a celebrity, he says that never happened.

What happened was that he called himself "famous," which is apparently an inside joke in his friend group, just another way of saying something is really good.

He shares numerous texts between numerous people using the word in that way -- even texts with Tati.

James Charles with Tati Westbrook on YT

You really just need to watch the video for him to explain the whole situation with the waiter, but he does show texts from him in which he tells James directly that he's bisexual.

Later, James admits that because he began developing his career at such an early age, he's pretty immature when it comes to relationships.

"Love and relationships is something that I have barely any experience in," he says, "and I honestly think that's why I'm a lot less mature than others may be in the situations I get myself into."

He says he's working on this, and that he's been apologizing to any men he may have been too forward with, but he maintains that he's never done anything as sinister as people think.

We can't really recap everything he says in the video, but a big part of it is about Jeffree Star. Jeffree was friends with both James and Tati, and he pretty much inserted himself into all this drama.

Jeffree Star

After Tati's original video, Jeffree tweeted that he agreed with everything she said, and added that James was "a danger to society."

In this video now, James took the opportunity to share several texts from Jeffree, which are disturbing, to say the least.

In one, he calls James a "sick motherf-cker," then writes "You need to be locked in prison for a long time. You need the internet taken away from you. You are a danger to society."

Jeffree also tweeted James' 17-year-old brother to "shut the f-ck up" and told him that in supporting his brother, he was supporting a pedophile.

No matter how you feel about James Charles, a 33-year-old man taunting a 19-year-old, calling him a "sick motherf-cker" ... that's too far, right?

Jeffree Star Photo

We'll wrap things up now, but honestly, we don't know who to believe here.

Did James fake all those text messages? Was Tati trying to stir up some drama because of the vitamins?

At this point, we can't say.

But we can say that this entire thing is far from over.

Check out James' full video below:

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