Austen Kroll: Southern Charm Star Defends Video of Apparent Threesome, Fight With Madison Lecroy

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Recently, there has been so much drama about disgraced has-been Thomas Ravenel that the rest of Southern Charm took a back seat.

No longer -- because the show is back, and Austen Kroll has a brand new girlfriend, Madison Lecroy.

Which means that he is finally explaining his huge, viral, naked argument with her that was caught on video.

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy Selfie

You may remember it or you may have missed it entirely, but Austen Kroll went a little viral last year.

In a short video, which we have included for your convenience, he and girlfriend Madison Lecroy were in a very heated argument.

Apparently she had stopped by to find two women asleep at his home.

He, too, was asleep, because it was, in his words, "seven-f--king-thirty in the morning."

Madison was furious, asking the women if they had "f--ked him last night." She received a firm "no."

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy Argue

"So then why are your panties lying by the bed?!" Madison demanded to know. Austen explained, impatiently, that it was because they'd slept over.

Now that Southern Charm fans have "met" Madison, Austen Kroll explained the humiliating spat to Entertainment Tonight.

"So," Austen says. "I guess what I can say is that was very early on [in our relationship]," 

"[That was] Madison and I trying to figure out what we were," he explains.

"We both hadn’t done the, you know, 'you’re my girlfriend, and you’re my boyfriend' talk, right?" Austen continues.

"We definitely were both trying to push it," he descries. "To see how much the other person cared."

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy, Height Difference

"'I’m going to go out tonight and I’m not going to talk to her. See if that bothers her,' or vice versa," Austen shares.

"And so, we had this talk, right?" Austen continues. "Because she was talking about the fact that her ex, like, wouldn’t leave her alone."

"You tell me to leave you alone and I will never -- I’m gone," he promises. Hey, that's a good thing.

"And, we kind of had one of those moments," he says, alluding to a quasi-breakup. "I was like, fine, fine."

"So," Austen continues. "I busied myself and it didn’t turn out so well." 

"Because she showed up the next day," he recalls. "And was like, 'Wait! I want to talk things over.'"

Austen Kroll

So when she showed up around dawn to chastise him about two women sleeping over, he says his thought was "s--t."

"I was out of my mind," Austen admits.

"I knew that coming into this season," he continues. "That it wasn’t going to be an easy ride."

"It wasn’t going to be easy going," he adds. "So, I kind of just prepared the both of us."

"Because we can control, I guess, what we talk about," Austen reasons. "But I can’t control what [our co-stars are] saying behind our back to whoever out there."

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy

Austen has a very realistic view of how reality stars and new TV couples are regarded.

"It’s not going to be like, 'Oh! Austen and Madison are wonderful,' you know?" he acknowledges. "And, 'They’re just so cute together, I love them.'"

"I was like, we’re gonna be getting trashed for a little bit," he recalls having warned Madison.

"So that’s something that, if you want to be with somebody, then you just got to work through it as best you can," he explains.

"And it works out sometimes," he concludes. "And sometimes it doesn’t."

All of that is bonkers -- from the bizarre approach to dating to the fact that their fight was sneakily recorded.

But apparently it worked, because it's a year later and they're still together. Wild.

Check out the video in question below if you missed it.

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