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JoJo Siwa has been a controversial figure among teens and adults for her childlike brand, to the point where people side against her in feuds.

But after witnessing her stunning transformation on a TikTok challenge, even her harshest critics are doing a 180.

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The "Wipe It Down" challenge has been making the rounds on TikTok.

(My gut says that it’s a conspiracy by parents to trick children into cleaning bathroom mirrors — don’t fall for it, teens!)

The premise is simple: "Wipe It Down" by BMW Kenny plays for just a few seconds.

During that, you spray the mirror, wipe it, and through careful editing, "transform" into another look (or swap out for another person).

Photo via Tik Tok

Now that we have explained the context of JoJo Siwa’s eye-catching video, let’s address the video itself.

It’s JoJo spraying a bottle of Windex on the bathroom mirror.

It’s a nice but not especially over-the-top celebrity bathroom, complete with wooden oil diffusers.

As the TikTok challenge dictates, JoJo then wipes what she has sparyed on the mirror.

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Some of the transformations feature silly costumes or switching out for another person.

But JoJo was already in a silly costume — her iconic look, some blend between childlike innocence and someone who would fight Batman.

(Seriously, JoJo has been my fancast for The Joker for years)

And when she magically transitioned as the challenge dictates, she looks … amazing.

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JoJo looks like a beautiful teenage girl with a sweet, genuine smile.

Like a princess whose curse has just been lifted, she gazes into the mirror in wonder.

Her hair is down and she is wearing normal human clothing for a teenage celebrity.

The TikTok was posted on her final day as a 16-year-old. On Tuesday, May 19, she turned 17.

The video racked up tens of millions of views overnight.

Twitter was abuzz early Tuesday morning with the new reality of JoJo’s looks.

A lot of people — even those who had been critical of her infantalized brand in the past — discussed how clear it was that she has been under contract.

Many cannot help but wonder if this is their first glimpse at the "new" JoJo that will appear after her contract ends.

We have all seen child stars who were under strict contracts break free of their candy-coated images as soon as they were able.

Just weeks ago was the ten-year anniversary of Miley Cyrus’ "Can’t Be Tamed."

Someone who worked for Radio Disney at the time shared that the very next day, they had been ordered to cut out all Miley content.

That serves as a great reminder that contracts can sculpt people into images and brands that do not represent who they really are.

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Of course, JoJo’s media empire is not without its upsides.

Most of us may prefer to see her with a natural look, but she has a net worth of $12 million thanks to savvy marketing and her iconic image.

Still, this TikTok and the response are an indication that she has a real future separate from her current, child-oriented brand.

And from what the teens on Gay Twitter were saying on Tuesday morning, she’d have no trouble finding a girlfriend if she ever wants one.