Little People, Big World Finale Clip: Look Who's Home!

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Baby Lilah is home, television fans!

On the season finale of Little People, Big World, Tori and Zach Roloff bring their firstborn home to meet her big brother and also to adjust to life as an active member of this family of four.

We'll learn on the episode just how things are going with Lilah under the same roof as Jackson.

And what's the answer?

One Tori, Two Kids

Not much is different, for Jackson at least.

"I don't know if he's connecting that he's a brother and she's his sister," Zach explains in this clip, saying that Jackson is cool with a baby being around... he just hasn't really connected the family dots just yet.

Which makes complete sense.

At another point, Tori jokingly apologizes to her daughter after Jackson gets a little rough with her. By accident, of course.

"You're probably gonna get kicked. You're probably gonna get pushed," the mother of two tells her youngest.

Talking About Kids

Elsewhere in this sneak peek, we cut to about three weeks after Lilah is brought home, witnessing how Zach and Tori are getting into a routine.

"We're settliing in good," says Zach. "Things are more chaotic and a little louder, but that's what me and Tori signed up for."

Thankfully, the couple tells viewers that Lilah is a pretty good baby overall -- she's a good eater, she's just a liittle fussy and, yes says Tori, a little bit of a princess.

"She's a strong woman," Tori adds.

Listening to Tori

Tori and Zach welcomed Lilah in late November, but that's how long ago this season finale was filmed.

Over the last few Little People, Big World episodes, we've seen Tori go into labor and also talk candidly about having a second dwarf child.

"We got lucky with jackson... he's very blessed," Zach and Tori said last week on the show, knocking on wood and saying that their son has been perfectly happy and healthy to date.

"Now we're rolling the dice. [Are we gonna be that lucky] again?" Tori asked.

Jackson Knows Lilah

This is, unfortunately, something parents of little people must think about on a regular basis.

A few  weeks ago, Tori also explained her quasi negative response to hearing Lilah would probably be a little person, something her doctor informed her of toward the end of her pregnancy.

"There are people out there that have way more difficult journeys than I do, but that doesn’t discredit my own feelings," she wrote online at the time.

"The same goes for everyone. It’s okay to feel whatever you’re going through... to have a girl with dwarfism is new territory for me.

"It’s nerve wracking for sure but I can already tell Lilah Ray is one tough girlsie."

Tori and Zach Roloff and Children

That's what Tori reiterates in this clip as well.

Check it out now and then tune in for the Little People, Big World season finale at 9/8c on TLC on Tuesday night, May 19.

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