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The term "tone-deaf" is used a lot these days to describe a situation in which a person says or does something with no consideration of contex and complete ignorance of how their actions will be perceived.

It’s a concept that’s perhaps best embodied by reality star turned porn star turned laughing stock, Farrah Abraham: 

Farrah Abraham Dances Poorly on TikTok

If you know anything about Farrah, you know that she lives with a constant thirst for attention that would kill any lesser clout-chaser.

Topless of pics of Farrah have been around for so many years that she’s been forced to step her game up in terms of desperate efforts to remain relevant.

Even comparing Bill Gates to Hitler can’t bring Farrah enough clicks and comments to block out the voices in her head telling her she’s about five years past the peak of her popularity.

And that’s how we wound up with this latest stunt.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

Like just about every parent on the planet, Farrah is cooped up at home with her kid these days.

At first, Farrah ignored the coronavirus warnings and took her 11-year-old daughter on outings to get their nails done together.

After intense public pressure, however, Farrah and Sophia are finally sheltering in place.

But instead of homeschooling her daughter, Farrah is making the girl participate in weird promotions involving teenagers and sex.

Farrah Abraham for WEtv

This week, Farrah posted a weird panic attack of a video accompanied by a very strange offer:

“Celebrating a chastity belt of a year in #prom2020 I dedicate my prom dress to a prom2020 student keeping her virginity & decreasing teen pregnancy!” Abraham captioned the clip.

“Happy prom 2020!”

Now, Farrah pledging her prom dress to a lucky virgin would be weird under any circumstances.

Farrah Abraham is Plastic

But it’s downright bizarre in this case, as all across America, prom season has been canceled.

“Didn’t they cancel all proms this year? Dumb offering,” wrote one follower.

“Kind of foolish when proms are cancelled, maybe I’ll show this to my daughter who’s crying her eyes out about it,” another added.

“Wtf so CRINGEy,” a third chimed in.

Farrah Strikes a Pose

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Of course, this is just the latest in a long line of pandemic fails for Farrah.

She recently drew criticism for declaring that she “loved coronavirus season" because it provided her an opportunity to show the world what an amazing mom she is.

Needless to say, that doesn’t appear to be going so well.