Rosemarie Vega TRASHES Ed Brown: That Lying Creep Used Me!!

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In recent interviews, Big Ed Brown has expressed ignorance about Rosemarie's life, while fans wonder if she will ever forgive Ed for his behavior.

Speaking directly to fans, Rosemarie is accusing Ed of being even more of a creep than he appears on TV.

big ed brown and rosemarie "she's my queen"

We have all watched with mixed reactions as Ed Brown visited Rosemarie Vega's village, Caloocan.

Many viewers were stunned to see Rosemarie's house and her father's pig farm.

A degree of culture shock is understandable, and in many instances, Ed remained very respectful towards her family.

But when it came to Rosemarie herself, he shamed her, criticized her breath and her legs, and interrogated her about her sexual history.

Rosemarie Vega Selfie

Rosemarie went on Instagram Live to chastise Ed and to beg fans to not fall for his lies.

"Ed, how dare you to make me embarrassed in front of million[s of] people,” Rosemarie accused in the video.

“People, don’t believe him; he is fake," she claimed.

Rosemarie then alleged: "He doesn’t really [take] care of me."

Big Ed Brown Expects the Worst

While many had assumed that Ed's sole motive in courting Rosemarie was middle aged horniness, she says that there is another motive.

"He just want to be famous," Rosemarie announced, "that’s why he doing that.”

“He did not even give me a penny," she emphasized. "This is all lies."

"He did not give me any gifts except bra and panty and the word that come from [his] mouth is lies … it’s not true," Rosemarie reiterated.

Rosemarie Vega on Instagram

"He is not always caring for me, it’s not true, OK,” Rosemarie's furious Instagram Live continued.

“Please, don’t believe Ed," she implored her followers.

Rosemarie left a word of warning: "It’s not always true what he said."

That is disappointing to hear.

Big Ed Brown Tries to Speak

Rosemarie has since deleted the video.

We were only able to get a look at Rosemarie's side of the story because of 90 Day Fiance blogging superstar John Yates.

It is believed that Rosemarie has not spoken further on the subject because spoiling the end of the season would violate her contract with TLC.

However, right now, her statements and Ed's appear to say that they are not still together.

rosemarie vega IG live still

Ed has earned himself a lot of ire among 90 Day Fiance fans and stars alike for his boasting.

He has claimed to be the "most authentic" 90 Day Fiance star in the franchise's history.

Multiple stars -- including at least one who directly referred to our coverage of his statements -- clapped back.

Sometimes, any degree of fame can go to a person's head.

Big Ed Brown

Ed has also earned his share of fans, though not all of them are good company.

Gamer and notorious Nazi sympathizer PewDiePie is seemingly obsessed with Ed.

Now, it's not Ed's fault that a guy who wore an iron cross to announce that he won't be donating to the ADL happens to like him.

But 90 Day Fiance fans familiar with PewDiePie's infamous history of racism are deeply uncomfortable.

Rosemarie Vega and Son, Prince

To be clear, Rosemarie has not officially confirmed that she and Ed have broken up.

Instead, she has been openly focusing on the positive on social media.

She has posted precious selfies with her son, Prince, and with other family.

We have no way of knowing when these photos were taken. If they are all new, she may still be in the Philippines.

Ed Brown Speaks His Mind

There was a recent rumor claiming that Rosemarie was not with Ed and is now engaged to a woman.

While we would be doubly happy for her if it were true, Rosemarie has reportedly used social media to deny that this is the case.

Additionally, Ed's interview with Lauren Zima neither confirmed nor denied that this is the case.

(Again, we would be happy for Rosemarie if it were true, but ... there is no evidence behind the rumor whatsoever)

Rosemarie Vega and Cousins

Whatever the case with Rosemarie's relationship status, we wish only the best to her and to Prince.

She deserves happiness and a good life for herself and for her son.

Maybe she could have that with Ed ... but between the show and social media, it doesn't look like that is likely.

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