Farrah Abraham Staged Cannes Commando Stunt 'Cause We Haven't Seen Her V Enough Already

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Remember how Farrah Abraham flashed her vagina at Cannes? 

It was, of course, a "total accident" and a "wardrobe malfunction," and not a planned and carefully arranged stunt because she loves attention.

We're kidding. It was by design.

Farrah Abraham on the Red Carpet

As you can see in the video that we've included below, Farrah wasn't wearing underwear under her dress, which is how she ended up flashing her vagina to the camera.

While all of the witnesses were, of course, turned to stone and remain in Cannes as statues of warning, photos and even video have surfaced of the alleged "wardrobe malfunction."

During the video, Farrah can't seem to sit in the audience like a normal person.

Instead, she is constantly staring at the camera - at one camera in particular, that seems trained on her.

You know how people wondered how she had landed an invitation to walk the red carpet?

Farrah Abraham Flashes the Camera at Cannes

Yeah. Well, she hadn't.

Abraham just crashed the red carpet by getting up, walking on it, and it looks like she went out of her way to make sure that she showed her genitals to the camera.

And it looks like the camera operator knew what was coming.

In fact, it looks like Farrah is keeping her eye on the camera, not only because she's some sort of attention vampire who will wither and despair if people aren't looking at her ...

... But because she's waiting for some sort of signal.

Farrah Abraham in Underwear For Some Reason

We're guessing that the timing for crashing a red carpet show and flashing your genitals "by accident" and making sure that it's all captured by all of the right cameras takes precision.

Still, Oceans 8, this is not.

And anyone watching the full video can see that this was planned.

Why was it planned?

Why does Farrah do anything?

1. Attention.

2. Money (which comes from attention).

Farrah Abraham, Topless in Fiji

We'll admit that Farrah also does some things due to what we'll generously call personality issues that make her such a hostile reality star that she got fired from Teen Mom.

Because while there are some very, very bad people who are reality stars, most of them have the sense to not make it impossible for producers and the camera crew to work with them while they film.

Farrah did, and now she's no longer on the show that catapulted her to fame.

And many fans believe that this ridiculous stunt on the runway is probably a direct consequence of her Teen Mom firing.

Farrah needs attention, and she's clearly not getting enough by just posting risque photos on her daughter's social media account.

Farrah Abraham, Weight Loss Lollipop

Farrah's appeared nude before.

For that matter, she's been in porn, solo and with a partner.

But for some very toxic reason that seems to be an indictment of our society, people are more interested in unintended nudity than they are in deliberate nudity.

A nip slip gets more attention than a topless selfie.

For that matter, people will sometimes devalue a person who poses topless, but not necessarily blame the person whose nudity was accidental.

Society is weird.

Even Farrah knows this.

A number of fans believe that this is why she tried to make it appear that she'd flashed her stuff by accident.

Since Farrah planned this, is she planning some sort of grand tour in which she'll flash her vagina at every big event?

(Yes, we know that she was technically not showing her actual vagina, but "vagina" is the colloquial term for that whole operation; please don't make us refer to Farrah's labia unless it's absolutely necessary.)

Because that will get old faster than she may realize.

Only time will tell.

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