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As you have surely heard approximately a billion times by now, Farrah Abraham started a brawl at the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

But no matter how many times you hear it, it’s still so fun, isn’t it?

Farrah said something about Amber Portwood’s boyfriend, Matt Baier, Amber got seriously pissed about it, then stormed the stage and tried to throw a punch at Farrah.

It was messy, it was ugly, and it started a very intense feud between Farrah and Amber.

Just a couple of days ago, for instance, Farrah had the maturity and the wit to compare Amber to Miss Piggy.

Amber took it in stride, telling Farrah that she liked the comparison, but then she insinuated that Farrah took Adderall to stay skinny, so it looks like the feud’s not ending anytime soon.

Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, Kids
Photo via Instagram

But what did Farrah even say that was so bad? What could she have possibly said about Matt that would make Amber mad enough to want to fight her?

If you’ll remember, Amber used to struggle a lot with her anger issues. She’s come a long way, and she isn’t nearly as prone to violence as she used to be, so Farrah must have said something really terrible to set her off like that.

And in this sneak peek for Monday’s reunion show, we finally get to see exactly what it was she said.

Check out the madness in the clip below: