Amber Portwood Hits Back at Farrah Abraham After Miss Piggy Comments!

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So this here feud between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood is shaping up to be the ugliest feud in Teen Mom history.

It's absolutely magnificent, isn't it?

Amber Portwood Reunion Special image

This whole mess began when Amber and Farrah threw down at​ the Teen Mom OG reunion show after Farrah reportedly said that Amber's boyfriend, Matt Baier, "looks like a pedophile."

Well, to be totally accurate, this mess began when a bunch of adults with questionable decision-making skills put Farrah on TV despite the fact that she's obviously a vicious, soul-sucking hell beast, but you know what's up.

After Farrah made that despicable "pedophile" comment, Amber rushed onto the stage, threw a punch at Farrah but missed, and kicked off the Great Teen Mom Brawl of 2016.

We'll see exactly what goes went on Monday when the second half of the reunion special airs, but in the meantime, Farrah has been using social media to be just as terrible as ever.

A couple of days ago, Farrah posted this on Instagram:

Farrah Abraham-Amber Portwood Meme

For the caption, she wrote "Lmao I love my fans they make the best sh-t you can't say out loud. By the way love miss piggy but not the knock off."

If that was supposed to be an insult, it seriously failed: everybody knows that Miss Piggy is a beautiful cultural icon, known for her amazing fashion sense and her incomparable ability to take care of business.

Even being a called a "knock off" Miss Piggy ... wow, what high praise.

And it seems like Amber took Farrah's nonsense in stride, because she posted a nice little Marilyn Monroe photo in her own defense:

Amber Portwood Marilyn Monroe Meme

"I don't want to be bone thin," the Marilyn quote reads, "and I make it a point to stay the way I want to be."

"Exactly," she added in the caption. "Be what you want to be.. love always."

But don't worry, she got a hell of a lot sassier with this Miss Piggy meme of her own:

Amber Portwood Miss Piggy Meme

In the meme, Miss Piggy is quoted as saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye."

Don't worry though, it looks like Amber's not looking to get into real fisticuffs anytime soon -- her caption for this one was "Oh Miss Piggy violence is not the answer."

But Amber still wasn't done. On Farrah's original photo, she commented "Miss Piggy looks classy with her pearls, I like this."

"And sorry I didn't do that show with you and it didn't get picked up. Have a good night Hun..if you want to keep going then I have plenty to share?? Just let me know."

Oh, all the beautiful, mysterious shade!

Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery Image

She seemed to reference Farrah again on Twitter when she responded to one fan's tweet with "Doesn't bother me a bit. There's millions of women who don't take Adderall to stay skinny. We just are regular women."

Then she definitely referenced Farrah when another fan sent her a gif from Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom.

"Omg wtf is this????????" she wrote. "She is soooo high here omg.."

We eagerly await Farrah's next move -- though it will likely only be a poorly communicated tweet that has little, if anything, to do with the actual situation at hand.

Sunrise, sunset.

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