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Ryan Edwards … well, to say he’s been unsympathetic during his entire run on Teen Mom would be a massive understatement.

Even in his 16 and Pregnant episode with Maci Bookout, he was cold and distant to both her and their son, Bentley, after he was born.

He’s always seemed more interested in his own hobbies than he has in being a parent, and it’s been sad to see.

Recently though, he seemed to reach peak awfulness when he claimed to be killing a bunch of cats that had sadly made their way onto his property.

Shortly after that, Teen Mom OG viewers began wondering if he was on drugs after noticing his increasingly bizarre behavior and the way his eyes seemed to be bugging straight out of his head.

Ryan Edwards high?

And then, shortly after that, his father, Larry, kicked him out of the house.

In a little interview on the show, he explained that the issue is "just Ryan," that "I’m over his laziness, selfishness. I’m done with it."

He even said "I’m done with him forever."

In this sneak peek for Monday’s Teen Mom OG reunion special, Dr. Drew touches on Ryan’s relationship with his father and the fight they had, and Ryan actually cries.

Real, human tears.

Watch the incredibly touching clip below: