Farrah Abraham Reads Bad Yelp Reviews of Her Frozen Yogurt Shop

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Ever wanted to see a grown woman get visibly upset about Fruity Pebbles?

Well, then you're in luck because Farrah Abraham is highly pissed off, and she wants the world to know her Pebbles are the freshest.

If you watch Teen Mom online, then you're aware that Farrah is a one-woman industry.

Say what you will about her abhorrent personality (and there's really so much to say), you can't knock Farrah's hustle.

Among her many random business ventures is a chain of frozen yogurt shops.

Farrah Abraham for MTV

She deserves credit for not simply relying on reality TV fame, which usually proves fleeting, but sometimes it seems Farrah may have bitten off more than she can chew.

There are times when her revenue streams interfere with one another, as evidenced by the clip below, in which she reads some hilariously negative Yelp reviews.

We suppose it was inevitable that someone would reference Farrah's sex tape, and sure enough, one guy gripes about a family establishment with "a porn star owner."

We can't believe we're about to come to Farrah freakin' Abraham's defense, but here goes:

If your young child is aware that Farrah made a sex tape, the problem is not Farrah; it's you.

Farrah's brief career in porn shouldn't affect your enjoyment of her sprinkles.

Look, Farrah is unquestionably a terrible person, but that doesn't mean she can't run a successful business.

Our guess is that most of the folks who took to Yelp to drag her establishment were motivated more by Farrah as a person than by their experiences at Froco.

We're not against trolling Farrah simply for being Farrah, but there are much more amusing ways to do it.

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