Sofia Vergara Jokes About "Anal" Tradition of the Golden Globes

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Sofia Vergara has very big boobs and talks in an accent.

No, really! It's true!

The actress has put both of these assets to impressive use of the past several years, rising all the way to the top of the television world on Modern Family.

But it may be time for Vergara to find a new act.

Sofia Vergara at the Globes

Because she stooped to a rather pathetic low at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

On stage to introduce Sylvester Stallone’s three daughters as this year’s Miss Golden Globes, Vergara opened her remarks as follows:

“Good evening. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has an anal tradition..."

Get it?!? Because annual sounds a lot like anal.

And because anal is a type of naughty sex some people enjoy and because Vergara is considered a major sex symbol.

“I didn’t mean anal," she then said, by way of correction. "I meant they have an anus tradition."

Get it?!? Because anus is another word for buttocks and it kind of, sort of also sounds like annual.

Hilarious, right?

How did Vergara manage to finish her introduction duties without stepping into any more verbal land mines?

(And the heck is Miss Golden Globe still a thing in 2017?!?)

Find out the answer to one of these two questions now:

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