Paris Jackson at the VMAs: White Supremacy Sucks!

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For the most part, the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards avoided politics.

Yes, Katy Perry made a couple cracks in her terrible opening monologue about how the world was falling apart, but few stars referenced Donald Trump or the mess he's created during their time on stage.

With the exception of Paris Jackson, that is.

Paris Jackson VMA Pic

The only daughter of Michael Jackson presented the very first trophy of the evening, taking a few moments before doing so in order to address the cloud of White Supremacy that is sadly hanging over our nation.

“I hope we leave here tonight remembering that we must show these Nazi, white supremacist jerks in Charlottesville and all over the country that as a nation with liberty as our slogan we have zero tolerance for their violence, hatred, and their discrimination,” said Paris, to loud applause.

She ended her brief statement by saying the following:

"We must resist.”

Paris Jackson on Stage

Incredibly/tragically, this is an actual topic of debate at the moment after a group of neo-Nazis gathered in Virginia a few weeks ago and created havoc around Charlottesville.

Their actions led to the murder of a 32-year old protestor named Heather Heyer, whose mom actually spoke out as well on stage at the VMAs.

Here is what she had to say:

And here is what Paris Jackson had to say.

Click the PLAY button below to find out and then react to her message of hope, anger and resistance.

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