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Farrah Abraham is no one’s idea of a Mother of the Year Candidate, but that’s true of most of the Teen Mom stars.

The difference with Farrah, however, is that she seemed to grow up in a relatively stable environment.

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Many of the inept moms in the franchise were burdened with negligent or abusive parents of their own.

Farrah’s folks — though obviously a tad eccentric — were, if anything, too supportive and permissive during their daughter’s formative years.

But like Farrah herself, it seems that Debra Danielsen — aka hip hop icon Debz OG — is actually getting worse with age.

Farrah and Debra
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And sadly, Farrah’s 11-year-old daughter Sophia is the one who’s suffering as all of the grownups in her life slowly lose their minds.

For years, Farrah has been embarrassing Sophia in public, and now it seems Debz has decided to get in on the act, as well.

If you’ve been watching this dumpster fire of a family for a while, then you’re probably already aware of Debra’s music career, which has yielded quite a few humiliating moments over the years.

Debra Danielsen All Fancy
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For her latest banger, she dragged Sophia into the act, and the results are predictably embarrassing.

The song "Grandma’s Love" was reportedly conceived as a present for Sophia’s most recent birthday.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, a pop single from grandma is obviously every 11-year-old’s dream birthday gift.

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To make matters worse, Sophia was forced to appear — albeit briefly — in the atrocious video for the song.

Thankfully, Debra had the forsesight to turn off comments on YouTube, because the reaction elsewhere on the internet has been less than positive.

It’s fun to mock Debra’s ear-splitting efforts at creating actual music, but as many have pointed out, there’s a child caught up in all this nonsense.

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Farrah has been exploiting Sophia since she was born, and now, it looks as though Debz is behaving just as shamelessly.

Obviously, that’s bad news for a number of reasons.

Already, Sophia has been making her own music at her mother’s behest, and not she’s been roped into helping her grandmother rack up the views.

Sophia In Debra's Video
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We’re sure there are times when she enjoys all the attention, but is this 11-year-old being given any time to be an 11-year-old?

It certainly doesn’t seem that way.

And from the way things are going, we highly doubt any of the adults in her life will be recognizing the error of their ways anytime soon.