Colt Johnson Will F--k Anything That Moves, Says Vanessa Guerra's Ex-Husband!

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At the Season 5 Tell All this week, Colt Johnson loudly proclaimed that he loves "to f--k." The notorious cheater surprised no one with this.

Now, his friend-with-benefits' ex-husband is slamming Colt as a remorseless famehound who doesn't care who he hurts when he's feeling horny.

Vanessa Guerra and True Lamaun

Before Colt was caught sending his dick pics out to, seemingly, anyone woman who wouldn't block him, he was lying to Jess -- for weeks, perhaps for months.

A number of his lies surrounded Vanessa Guerra, his "friend" whom Jess had asked him to stop seeing.

Colt actually faked a series of texts to Vanessa, seeming to end their friendship. But these messages were concocted to deceive Jess.

Colt Johnson fake texts to Vanessa via Jess Caroline

In reality, Colt never severed ties with Vanessa, choosing to lie to Jess -- wasting her time and energy on a relationship that was going nowhere.

Even when Debbie sabotaged the relationship by "accidentally" revealing Vanessa's continuing role in their lives, Colt maintained that Jess had nothing to worry about.

Jess told him then that he was lying. Time has proven her right.

Jess Caroline - and Vanessa helped you lie!

At the Tell All, Colt confirmed that he "loved' Vanessa, stating that he would never have dated Jess if Vanessa had agreed to date him before they hooked up.

But we all know that Vanessa was married -- in fact, Colt said that they bonded over their fallen marriages when they first began to speak.

Colt went on to describe his near-engagement with Jess as a "summer fling." What does Vanessa's ex-husband think of all of this?

Colt Johnson and Vanessa

This week, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates announced that he would be having a live chat with Vanessa's ex.

Carmen Nys, Larissa's friend (and also the one who set up Jess with her hunky new man, Brian Hanvey) had a suggestion.

"Ask him how he felt being married with her while she was spending his money buying Colt massage at groupon when he was still married to Larissa," Carmen prompted.

Vanessa - Happily Ever After title card

True Lauman telsl John Yates his understanding of the timeline.

During the first half of 2019, just a couple of months after Colt's split with Larissa, Vanessa told him that she hadn't come home that night.

True recalls feeling sleepy and bewildered as she confronted him about what she had done.

John Yates live with True Lamaun

Colt, whom he describes as having initially been a "buddy" to Vanessa, and Vanessa had been up all night ... at Colt's house.

According to True, Vanessa confessed to him that the two of them had kissed that night.

True suggests that it was likely a lengthy makeout with some touching, as opposed to some sort of accidental goodnight kiss from a Hallmark movie or whatever.

Colt Johnson adjusts his glasses while he reveals the Vanessa news

True affirms that, emotional affair or not, things didn't get physical between Colt and Vanessa during his marriage to Larissa.

(Colt did cheat on Larissa, swapping nudes with Instagram side pieces and telling them that his marriage was just a sham for TV -- which was news to a brokenhearted Larissa)

But they did go to lunches and on road trips together ... and it's not clearly precisely where that started.

Colt Johnson greets his roommate, Vanessa

Colt and Vanessa were together -- as we reported in the autumn of 2019 -- after Jess dumped Colt.

"And apparently, this is a thing he’s done — he doesn’t care if they’re married or not, you know, and he really doesn’t care," True comments to John Yates.

"He doesn’t care who he hurts, whose lives he interferes with," he adds. "He’s all about the show."

Vanessa at the HEA s5 Tell All

“I think this dude is a total scumbag, that’s my opinion of him,” True says of Colt.

He says that he has never met Colt, though he did at one point "troll" Larissa over nudes that were allegedly in Colt's possession at the time.

"I never had the nudes," True says, "and I never threatened to release them." Famously, Colt has been accused of engaging in revenge porn to intimidate multiple exes.

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