Farrah Abraham CAUGHT Faking Fan Comments; Accused of Exploiting Chadwick Boseman's Death!

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Farrah Abraham is getting desperate. Well, even more desperate than before.

After her latest bid failed to break the internet, she's trying to inflate her own social media stats.

Farrah After Botox

Bear with us, because this isn't one of those simple stories where we show you a Farrah Abraham video.

Usually, those are easy -- Farrah, say, dangles Sophia out the window of a helicopter and then the internet scolds her for it.

This is more complex, because it involves her own activity in the comments under her TikTok videos.

Farrah Gets Botox

Farrah has been "liking" and commenting under her own posts.

Her latest, uh, masterpiece involves her and Sophia lipsyncing on camera.

A follower could not help but notice that the video was "liked by creator."

Farrah & Sophia in 2020

The follower commented: "Why does this say liked by creator?"

But if you force yourself to pour through Farrah's videos, this is nothing new.

She doesn't just "like" her own videos -- she comments under them, like a self-congratulatory clown.

Farrah Abraham Gestures Excitedly

She commented "Yass" under one of her own videos.

This is, if you are not familiar with social media etiquette, truly warped behavior.

When influencers get caught doing s--t like this, on YouTube or Instagram or Tumblr, it can be a career-ending humiliation.

Farrah Abraham Screams at Passersby

We guess that Farrah should count herself lucky that she is not, in fact, an "influencer," in that most people would never immitate her willingly.

However, she goes beyond being tacky and becomes appallingly tasteless at times.

That's what she did just days ago after she tried to exploit the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman.

Farrah Before Botox

Farrah first shared a tribute to him on her TikTok, which was already pushing it since Farrah is known for her appalling racist rants.

Then, she commented under her own post: "Blessed to his legacy and those he touched in his career."

Farrah's word salad really does not do justice to Chadwick's memory, especially when she was commenting on her own post.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

Additioanlly, farrah shared a DIY video while wearing a waist trainer, because of course she did.

In the comments, she wrote "Super glue pro."

Was she ... stanning her own superglue skills ... in her own comments on her own page?

Farrah Abraham Workout Pic

You know, if Farrah really is such a glutton for praise that she wants to write it herself, there are ways to do that.

She could create a second TikTok account and use that one to comment on her posts.

It would probably take fans a while to notice if they ever did. Get the commentary out of her system, or whyever she does it.

Farrah Abraham with In Touch

Instead, she's just doing this out in the open. It's ... frankly embarrassing.

But we guess that Farrah's attempt to cling to attention and fame through other means wasn't working out.

When the times get desperate, the desperate will do whatever they can to get attention.

Farrah Abraham Undergoes Lymphatic Drainage Massage

It's tempting to theorize that Farrah is tired of getting nothing but nonstop hate in her comments, day in and day out.

You'd like to believe that she is simply trying to model "nice" comments that she wants to receive.

(Even so, it would be smarter to change her behavior and, you know, be a good person instead)


However, Farrah actually does have fans as desperate for her attention as she is for theirs.

These eager sycophants flood her comments with undeserved praise, even knowing what sort of person Farrah is.

Apparently, there just aren't enough for Farrah's tastes. Either that, or she hasn't worked out how to caption her own videos.

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