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There was a lot going on at the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Tell All.

But it did not escape viewers that Syngin loudly proclaimed that he would rather divorce his wife than give up drinking.

Tania Maduro says she and Syngin Colchester go back and forth on kids

When Shaun Robinson asked Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester what their last three arguments were about, no one was surprised by the answer.

"Drinking, drinking, and drinking," Tania recalled.

Syngin didn’t even disagree. It is a major source of conflict for this troubled couple.

Syngin Colchester - she means drinking, drinking, and drinking

"Syngin is very sensitive and it’s very hard for him to be as honest," Tania lamented as she discussed the issue.

Syngin promptly proved her point, exclaiming: "It sounds like you’re saying to the world, I’m a screaming, raging, f–king alcoholic."

"No, I don’t think you’re a raging alcoholic," Tania countered — though many fans are not feeling so generous.

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester have an uncertain future

"But, yes, has alcohol influenced work before, has alcohol influenced us, our arguments? Yes," Tania reminded him.

"If it was just a cold beer, it wouldn’t be a problem," she added. "And that would be OK."

"But he’s not sharing everything," Tania hinted.

Syngin Colchester - definitely does put a twist on the relationship

Both Shaun and Syngin tried to encourage her to say what she meant, but she declined out of concern for Syngin’s dignity.

Our guess? Either he got very sick from drinking recently or did something to embarrass herself.

We would likely have heard about some sort of alcohol-related accident or injury. Some fans have speculated that perhaps he accidentally urinated on himself while drunk.

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester smile nervously

Syngin was asked whether he would, to save his marriage, give up drinking if that were required. The answer was jarring.

"To be very honest," Syngin announced, "I will not be giving up drinking probably my whole entire life."

We know that their marriage is facing uncertainty, but many people find that Syngin’s statement sounds like an addiction — even if he continuously claims that it is merely South African culture.

Syngin Colchester quips - working on Tania's nerves

"I enjoy a cold beer. I enjoy the beverage," he said. "I enjoy my time with it."

"And if that bugs her, that just means that I must get somebody who doesn’t say I’m an alcoholic," Syngin insists.

Now, anyone can break up with (or divorce) anyone at any time for any reason … but some reasons ring alarm bells that the person is obsessed with a personal habit.

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester laugh at the Tell All s5

In Syngin’s case, his description of drinking makes it sound like "knocking back a cold one" isn’t merely how he unwinds at the end of the day … but simply his beverage of choice.

You know, some people get weirdly judgy over people whose go-to drink is, say, coffee or soda. But this isn’t about judging a choice … this is about Syngin’s well-being.

Not only does he prioritize drinking over his marriage — it has interfered in his work and even in his ability to get a work visa.

Syngin Colchester - because I got drunk at a bar two years ago

See, as was revealed during the Tell All, Syngin applied for a work visa ages ago.

When his old manager was contacted, it was revealed that he had been drunk at work and that this had resulted in unprofessional conduct on his part.

To Syngin, this is no big deal. To Tania, it only confirms that she is not the only one who thinks that Syngin’s habits are out of control.

Syngin Colchester roommates - Syngin, are you working?

Syngin’s extremely sitcom-esque former roommates, Andrew and James, eagerly chimed in.

Literally, one of them was drinking during the broadcast, so it is no surprise that they are Team Syngin.

They once again reiterated that his drinking is not a problem, and added that he and Tania moved too quickly. That, at least, is true.