Farrah Abraham Accuses Dad of "Making Plans" With Debra

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Most people would be thrilled to have both of their parents watch their kids.

Not Farrah Abraham, who might be the most damaged, broken bird in all the land.  

In a sneak peek of next week's Teen Mom OG, Farrah tries to chew out her dad, Michael, who agreed to watch her daughter, Sophia while Farrah is away on business.

"I feel like my mom and dad are going behind my back and planning to both watch Sophia while I'm gone, and I'm not OK with that," Farrah explains in the clip below.

"So, I'm just letting you know that my mom is not staying at my house while I am gone," Farrah tells her dad in her backyard.

"And it seems like there's something, like...plotted behind-the-scenes against me so when I'm gone people can just do whatever the f--k they want, but that's really not the case."

Michael tried to explain himself, but Farrah kept on talking to him like a dog.

"I'M NOT STOPPING," Farrah said.

"Jesus," Michael said, as Farrah continued her rant, threatening to "exile" both of her parents in favor of a babysitter so that Sophia can feel "confident and happy all the time."

Oh hell no.  This girl is willing to turn down free childcare to prove a point.

"Farrah, stop interrogating and talk to me," Michael insisted.

"Oh, I don't interrogate," Farrah clarified. "I don't have time for bullsh--."

"Don't challenge me and make me sound like I'm a kid, like I'm doing something wrong, 'cause I'm not.  Alright?" Michael told her.

"I'll be honest with ya, I kinda wish your mom was gonna be here," he went on.  "But if you don't feel comfortable, that's your choice.  So that's fine, and I have to abide by your choice."

This confuses Farrah, whose ready to take the gloves off and get ugly.

"I'm just making sure that you're OK with your f--king negative attitude," she said, aware that her dad was right.

Michael calmly explained that when she gets aggressive, it does nothing but get him upset.

Farrah then backed down, realizing that she wasn't going to win this one.

Watch the clip below for the entire interaction.

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