The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Will Olivia Caridi Get the Boot?

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We were prepared for what would happen, 'cause we read The Bachelor spoilers like it's our job here at THG (okay, it is our job). 

But to the average viewer, Olivia Caridi has defied the odds so far this season ... by not being sent home the second she arrived.

When we watch The Bachelor online this coming Monday, will we witness the end of the line for the First Impression rose winner?

In this new sneak preview clip, it's no surprise that the ladies have had enough of Olivia's antics, but what about Ben Higgins?

"When will Ben wake up and smell the Olivia?"

That question is asked verbatim in this teaser, but according to Olivia, he won't, as she confidently says, "Olivia is here to stay."

Whilst sniffing a rose. The symbolism, baby.

Follow the link above to see if she survives this week - and who wins this season, for that matter - if you're into the spoiler thing.

Then peep the sneak peek below ...

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