Donald Trump Supporter Rages Against "White Discrimination" at Starbucks

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For the record, the following individual does not necessarily represent ALL Donald Trump supporters.

But he may very well be a solid representation of Florida Man in general.

Around 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon, the patrons at a Starbucks location near the University of Miami were sitting back and relaxing, sipping on what we have to presume were quite a few Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.

But their calm coffee experience was interrupted by a disgruntled customer who was simply aghast over how long it was taking for the barista to fulfill his order.

very angry man

The barista was African-American, which would typically be an irrelevant detail.

Except this unhappy shopper started to scream "TRUMP" at the employee, claiming that the delay on his order was due to "anti-white discrimination" and threatening to punch those around him.

He also referred to another employee as "complete trash," another as a "bitch" and demanded a refund.

"I voted for Trump! Trump! You lost, now give me my money back," the man yelled.

What happened when a fellow patron tried to calm the Trump voter down?

Did the two men come to blow? And also: What the heck is wrong with people?!?


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