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This not exactly just in: Donald Trump has said some pretty mean stuff over the course of his Presidential run.

So it should come as no surprise that the Republican hopeful fits right in with a certain group of Mean Girls from 2004.

Yes, some genius on the Internet has superimposed Trump’s head on to the shoulders of Cady, the character Lindsay Lohan portrayed in this classic comedy.

The sight is a bit disturbing at first… okay, it’s totally disturbing throughout… but it’s also totally perfect and very entertaining.

See Trump dance around to Jingle Bell Rock!

Watch as other characters react to actual quotes the real estate mogul/politician has uttered on the campaign trail!

Find out who Trump claims to be his crush! (No, it isn’t Aaron Samuels.)

And, in case you needed one more reason to watch for some reason, he switches roles at the end and becomes Regina George.

Look out for that school bus, Donald!

Just stop whatever you are doing and click PLAY now. We promise you won’t regret it because, yes, it must be said:

Donald Trump in Mean Girls is just… so… fetch.