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David Eason is the worst.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times. He’s awful.

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But killing Nugget, Jenelle’s poor little French bulldog, was definitely one of the worst things he’s done.

He claimed that he killed the dog after it attacked Ensley, but he also shared a video of them together, and it was obvious that Ensley was being way too rough with Nugget.

And in the photo he shared of the results of the "attack," Ensley’s cheek was barely even red.

Pretty much everyone agreed that the situation could have been resolved by teaching Ensley how to interact with animals, or if they wanted to be extreme, they could have just rehomed Nugget.

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But nope. David took the dog to the woods and shot it with a shotgun after allegedly beating it.

That incident, along with Jenelle’s general treatment of animals over the years, made it clear that the family has no business having any pets at all, and especially not dogs.

Of course they don’t care about any of that though, and so now they have at least two large dogs running around the swamp.

And judging by this video David shared of Ensley playing with one of them, it’s clear that another incident could be just around the corner …