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Former Teen Mom 2 terror David Eason films himself giving Jenelle Evans’ son from her previous relationship a hard time.

Extremely uncool, especially given his history.

He’s never liked the boy, and he’s never been afraid to show it. Simply because he looks like his dad, Nathan Griffith.

And Eason is just an out-of-control human.

Watch the video below and see what we mean. At face value, maybe this isn’t the worst thing in the entire world, but …

… given what we know of Dave, it’s bad.

Very bad. Beyond bad. So bad that we can’t bring ourselves to share a laugh at Jenelle’s expense like the good old days.

Yes, she always had her issues, but she was human, and meant well, and we held out hope that her best days lay ahead.

No longer. Now we just fear for her.

This man has children around him at all, and a wife that is willing to lie to protect him because she’s broke and scared.

It is all so much. Awful. Simply awful.